Almost Missing a Football Legend

I definitely didn’t expect to run into Joe Namath at the Chamber of Commerce event last night.I definitely didn’t expect to run into Joe Namath at the Chamber of Commerce event last night.

Would you know a good thing if you saw it?

I regularly attend community events to take photos for the local magazine, so there didn’t seem to be anything special last night as I photographed people at a Chamber of Commerce get-together.

As is the norm, I took group shots and then asked each person their names for the photo captions. I was tired, hungry and ready to be done with work for the night as I went around the room. I only needed 10 more photos, and I would be out the door.

But I was in for a surprise. As I asked each his or her name, I wasn’t expecting for one to say “Joe Namath.” Of course, I was embarrassed I didn’t recognize him. I just wasn’t expecting him to be at an event like this, and looking for a football legend was the furthest thing from my mind. Luckily, he said he gets that comment at least once a day.

(As a side note, I attended the University of Alabama, where he played, and am a huge sports fan of the school.)

So, would you recognize a good thing if it showed up unexpectedly? Sometimes, we miss things that are right under our noses because we aren’t prepared or looking for something good. We get too focused on work or the stresses of everyday life and miss out on pleasant surprises.

Slow down and smell the roses, as the saying goes.

(And no, he did not say he wanted to kiss me — so maybe those uncomfortable interview days are behind him.)

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