Do You Live to Work or Work to Live?

Live to Work ComicIt’s often thought most in the older generation live to work, while young people work to live. The United States as a whole is also known for focusing more on work than other nations.

People who center their lives around their jobs find satisfaction out of their success, and on the flip side, the others only look at their jobs as a way to support their lifestyle.

I definitely fall in the live-to-work category, but let me play devil’s advocate for a second. Yes, work can be a source of happiness — and you should love what you do. But what if you could love what you do and enjoy your life?

Finding that balance is the key to enjoying your life as a whole. Start by tracking how you spend your time. Are you surprised by how much time is going toward your job? Are there things you wish you were spending more time on?

Once you know where all of your time is going and what you want to be spending it on, you can go from there. Knowledge is power. Make conscious decisions about what you do with your time. It’s one of the few things you can never get back.

Even if you still choose to spend your time on work — at least it’s a decision and not an afterthought.

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