How Carolinas Landscaper Found Success

Scott ReisterBuilding a successful landscape business is no easy task, something Scott Reister, owner of TG&R Landscape Group in Rock Hill, South Carolina, understands. But in the past two decade, he has grown his business into one of the top in the country.

Here are his four secrets to success.

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1. Reputation. “Having been in business for 23 years now, our reputation is everything to us,” Scott Reister says. “It’s how we get business. It’s how we maintain relationships with clients, and that enables us to get new business. I tell my guys working in the field – even from the guy raking out the bed – ‘You’re our front line in front of the client, and you doing a good job and doing your job correctly in a respectful manner speaks volumes about how we do work and how we do business.”

2. Good people. “Surrounding yourself with people who can compensate for your weaknesses,” Reister says. “It’s been a struggle to find the right people, but finding them and retaining them by making a good work environment for them helps overall of our business. Having talented, gifted people who are willing to work hard is definitely key to a good business model.”

3. Quality over quantity. “Having a larger company with more employees and doing more work is not necessarily the direction we’ve chosen to go in our industry,” Reister says. “We have a good-size group. We’re large enough that we’re able to handle bigger projects or issues that arise but not too large that we don’t have a good handle on all of the details that are involved with a project.

4. Client service. “We design a space that fits their needs, their families’ needs, their budgets and aesthetically what’s going to work for them,” he says. “We’re very hands-on oriented. We don’t have a lot of finger pointers in our company. Everybody is willing to get their hands dirty and work on a project.

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