4 ways to improve communication

Updated Apr 3, 2023

Communication Tlc

Whether it’s a personal or professional relationship, all relationships need a clear line of communication. If there is no communication, you can bet your business will not be as successful.

Here are four ways to improve communication in your business:

1. Create a clear leader

Landscapers typically have crew leaders or foremen on each job site to make sure the actual work runs smoothly. However, a foreman does more than just watch the work. A foreman should also be watching over the employees to watch dynamics, interactions, and communication. Every employee should feel comfortable approaching a foreman about a problem who would then report that information to the boss.

2. Leave time to have small conversations

Leave time in the day to open your door for all employees. Whether it’s someone working in the office or someone who is out in the field, leave time in the beginning, middle, or end of the day for people to approach you with potential issues. Make sure your open-door policy is known and let your employees know that you want to be approachable.

3. Create a buddy system

Creating a buddy system is more than just double-checking safety gear or watching out for one another on job sites. By creating a buddy system, employees form friendships and bonds with one another where they will most likely feel comfortable communicating and talking about any issues. Foremen may not always be available, but it allows employees to communicate with one another and have someone they can confide in.

4. Hold weekly meetings

When you have weekly safety meetings, be sure to talk about open communication policies in the office. This would be the time to mention your open-door policy or learn about any issues in the workplace. Employees sometimes need to be trained not only in safety and how to work equipment, but they also need to be trained on how to communicate problems or concerns within the office.

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