What the future of BrightView means for the ‘little guys’

Bright View Tm RgbLast week, the news broke of the new name Brickman and ValleyCrest will be called come mid-2015.

The companies worked together and created the name BrightView – using the “B” from Brickman and the “V” from ValleyCrest to lead the way.  

People have shared their opinions across social media channels, and we’ve analyzed what the merge might mean for landscapers down the road.

We predicted that the merge would only help small landscaping companies rather than hurt them.

I quote from a previous blog:

“So, it’s not being run by landscapers, like you, who know their area and can adjust quickly if needed. You’ll be able to give clients personal attention that will be hard to find in a nearly $2 billion company.”

Bigger doesn’t always mean better in the end.

This “super” landscaping company does have a BrightView for its business, but the merge will only help the “little guys” at the end of the day.

Yes, the company will still employ 20,000 people, which is truly great for the landscaping industry, because any job is a good job in the landscaping market.

However, I think most landscaping companies will not be affected.

BrightView probably has a bright future considering Brickman and ValleyCrest are prominent names in the landscaping industry.

However, the massive merge is just another move in the changing landscape (pun intended of course).

In the end, it’s just another name and another competitor landscapers will have to deal with, but one name is at least better than two.  

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