Teaching your customers how to achieve greener grass (Printable, Infographic)

grass2Everyone wore green for St. Patrick’s Day, and since we love green at TLC, we searched deep in the archives for some tips on keeping grass greener. We’ve selected the best tips. If you don’t include mowing in your services, share these tips with your industry contacts.

Here’s a one-sheet Greener Grass infographic  you can download & print with the following tips to share with your customers. 

Please reply in the comments with other recommendations for greener grass.

Feeding & Watering: 

  • One inch per week, so one to two times per week to promote deeper root growth and drought tolerance
  • Sprinklers are best for consistency
  • Grass should be watered early in the morning (4 a.m. to 8 a.m.) while it’s cool and winds are down
  • Make sure fertilizer is specified for the grass type you’re using and only use when you have an irrigation plan

Mowing & Maintenance:

  • Mow weekly, with sharpened blades, and use a height one inch higher than normal (3 inch deck or greater) to protect roots from heat and retain more water. Ragged cuts lead to lawn disease and fungal spores
  • Aerate the lawn to allow moisture and air circulation. We recently talked about aerating and dethatching.
  • Replicate what’s working in nature; use indigenous plants
  • Check for insects if brown, patchy spots are produced. Look out for grubs, mole crickets and caterpillars.
  • Use a mulching blade and reuse on the lawn


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A summary of these tips are available here: Greener Grass infographic

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