Tree dating app will have you yelling ‘timber’

Husqvarna timber appIt’s Valentine’s Day and on this day of love, Husqvarna has introduced Timber, a dating app that matches tree lovers with beautiful trees across the globe.

california redwood on timberJust like the Tinder app, you can swipe left or right on different tree species until you get a match. The tree types include oak, elm, spruce, redwood, birch and more. Each profile includes their age and location, varying from 650 years old to 75 years old and are based everywhere from Greece to Japan.

They have tongue-in-cheek one-liners in their bios or puns like, “I would never leaf you.”

After matching, you are able to send messages back and forth, but unfortunately, the trees can only communicate with plant emojis.

When asked why the trees only use the emojis, Oscar Gezelius, global social media coordinator, Husqvarna division says, “Why not? Maybe this is what they would say if they had a keyboard.”

After a sending a couple messages back and forth, users are encouraged to check out Husqvarna’s Chainsaw Academy.

“We saw Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to bring attention to the importance of tree care in a new and entertaining way,” Gezelius says. “We know many of our followers are genuinely interested in tree care and saw this as a fun way to spread awareness of our educational platform – Chainsaw Academy. It began with a simple play on words in the office. Of course, the name sounds similar to an already established dating app, but it also refers to what you traditionally yell when felling a tree, only this time we’re applying it to falling in love instead of a falling tree.”

maple tree on timberThe English version of Chainsaw Academy was introduced Dec. 1, 2018, and Husqvarna says there are more languages to come. Gezelius says they hope to improve safety awareness through the digital Chainsaw Academy.

“Trees are one of the most sustainable resources in the world, and tree maintenance is crucial to keep them healthy,” he says. “We hope this app will bring more attention to the importance of trees and to the important work of arborists and loggers all over the world.”

The site covers topics such as basic chainsaw safety, how to choose the right chainsaw, how to start a chainsaw, the proper personal protective equipment and how to fell trees.

“Safety is key when working with tree care,” Gezelius says. “We, therefore, want to do our part in spreading safety awareness, so unnecessary injuries can be prevented. Of course, the webpage is in no way a substitute for a proper chainsaw training, but it helps spread the word on safety.”

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