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Updated Feb 19, 2013

By Lauren Heartsill Dowdle


From a paving video for Spanish-speakers to a noise-cancelling headset, here are new and interesting products for landscapers.


Learn to pave in Español

Break down the language barrier by offering your Spanish-speaking employees a way to learn the paving trade. Pave Tech’s School for Advanced Segmental Paving (SASP) created a Spanish version of their Foundation Skills: Instructional Training Video for Concrete and Clay Pavers. Using industry best practices, techniques and technology, this video takes you from the initial site visit to the final compaction with both the narration and on-screen graphics in Spanish. The video also teaches specialized installation techniques for both concrete and clay pavers.

“Many manufacturing members were insistent that our industry publications be available in Spanish,” says Stephen Jones, president of Pave Tech. To guarantee Spanish-speaking workers understand all of the information, the company decided to create a video, instead of using written materials. The SASP video certification test is also available in Spanish. For more information, visit paverschool.com.

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Cover and protect your truck bed with A.R.E.’s ToolMaster Series fiberglass commercial cap. The ToolMaster features heavy-duty doors, two steel toolboxes each with a 120-pound weight capacity and a Prime Design AluRack roof rack with a ladder rack roller. The series also has side and rear doors with aluminum inserts for privacy and security.

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Husqvarna Construction Products’ Versa-Cut is a high-speed diamond blade that cuts cured and reinforced concrete, brick, clay roof tiles, granite, abrasive materials and green concrete. It can also cut steel bars, ductile iron, asphalt and most ceramic tiles. The blade features alternating turbo segments with a total height of 2/5 inch (3/10 inch diamond depth, 1/10 inch segment base).

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Whether you are digging irrigation lines, laying pavers or operating power equipment, hard work takes its toll on your hands. For dry or cracked skin, apply O’Keeffe’s Working Hands ointment, which is a non-greasy, hypoallergenic, oil-free and concentrated formula. O’Keeffe also makes Healthy Feet, which, like Working Hands, stimulates the body’s natural skin-repair process to draw moisture into the skin.

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Enjoy a PowerBar steering system and hand-operated deck lift with Excel Industries’ BigDog T-Series walk-behind mower. Equipped with a

Kawasaki FS engine, the mowers are available with 16 to 24 horsepower and a 36-, 48- or 54-inch deck. The T-Series features a 3.6-gallon fuel capacity, 18- or 20-inch drive tires and no daily lube points.

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Block  NOISE

The Cobra deluxe Bluetooth headset uses T5 Sonance noise cancellation technology, which doesn’t pick up equipment noise on the jobsite. With eight hours of talk time and 250 hours of standby time, the headset has one-touch answer and end control. It comes with a home, vehicle and USB charger.

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Arborjet’s Ace-jet micro-injectable insecticide manages insects that ravage forests, trees and landscape ornamentals. It eliminates certain leaf-chewing, piercing-sucking and mining insects. The insecticide is injected into a tree’s trunk and only impacts insects feeding directly on the tree. It comes in a soluble granular form to maintain maximum potency until it’s ready to be mixed with water and used.

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Jenny Products’ two-stage service vehicle compressors are powered by 5- to 18-horsepower Honda GX series engines. Three models come with 30-gallon air tanks, and the other two have 80-gallon tanks. The compressors are belt-driven with a large flywheel. The belt is totally enclosed within a heavy-duty belt guard, and all fittings are protectively mounted.

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