Snow Removal

Updated Feb 21, 2013

Plow through your next winter project with these heavy-duty products.

Stay warm
With a premium grand cab, Kubota Tractor’s RTV100 has an air conditioner, heater and defroster. The utility vehicle packs power with a three-cylinder, 24.8-horsepower Kubota diesel engine. It also comes standard with a variable hydrostatic transmission (VHT), power steering, sturdy front guard, four-wheel wet-disc brakes, hydraulic bed-lift system and more than 1,100 pounds of cargo-load capacity in the 16-cubic-foot bed.
Attachment options
Case Construction Equipment has multiple snow removal attachments for its nine Alpha Series skid steer models. Available attachments include snow buckets, high- and standard-flow snow blowers, heavy- and standard-duty snow blades and snow pushers. The snow blowers throw snow up to 45 feet, and the snow push attachment clears large volumes of snow with an optional pull back kit.
Throw snow
Clear snow from driveways, sidewalks and congested areas with Grasshopper’s maneuverable DriftBuster snowthrower. It delivers no-clog performance with a 180-degree-rotating discharge spout that can throw snow 30 feet. With the QuikConverter implement system, any Grasshopper FrontMount ZTR mower can go from mowing to snow throwing without tools.
Cutting edge
Are you tired of poor-performing cutting edges that wear out and eat away at your profits? SnowPlowBlades has custom tungsten carbide embedded cutting edges with an extended wear-life that fit all brands of plows.
Snow Plow Blades
Hydraulic power
The John Deere SB2176 snow blower has a quick-attach feature, allowing operators to mount the blower without removing the loader. The blower is driven by a three-point, hydraulic power pack that attaches to the rear of the tractor. It features a 76-inch working width and automatic auger speed control to prevent clogs.
John Deere
Brush it away
The Ventrac Power Broom sweeps away snow, leaves, dirt, light gravel and other materials from parking lots, sidewalks and other surfaces. The broom is made of heavy-duty nylon bristles, strong enough to push away snow without damaging the surface underneath. A hydraulic cylinder can angle the broom from side to side without the operator leaving his seat.
Automatic wings
Blizzard’s Speedwing has wings that automatically angle forward or back based on blade position. When angled for windrowing, the trailing wing folds back in line with the moldboard, while the leading wing retains its forward position to capture more snow, reduce spill-off and allow use of the entire blade.
Spray ice
Earthway Products S25ss Spray-Pro push sprayer has a stainless-steel chassis and is designed for spraying ice control products, pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. It has an adjustable spray system that helps with sidewalks and parking lots. Operators can use it on lawns, driveways and paths.
Earthway Products
Compact power
Be the leader of the pack with Buyers’ SaltDogg SHPE2250 Muni Spreader, which fits 1-ton trucks. Its 2.2-cubic-yard capacity hopper salts 3.2 cubic feet a minute. It has a 75-horsepower electric motor, 5 1/4-inch auger, 14-inch spinner disc and a variable spread width (5 to 30 feet) with adjustable deflectors.
Obstacle protection
With deep-curl-flared wings, Hiniker’s VF Series V-plows use double-acting hydraulic cylinders to provide positive hydraulic control of moldboard positioning, whether plowing forward or backdragging. Also available in a conventional level-top configuration, the VF Series is available in 8 1/2- and 9 1/2-foot widths. The pinch-free pivot point is 9 inches above ground level for protection against higher obstacles such as curbs and parking barriers.
Hydraulically extend
Western’s Wide-Out adjustable-wing snowplow provides an 8-foot straight blade, 9-foot scoop and 10-foot extended straight blade. The wings hydraulically and independently extend with the touch of a button for unmatched carrying capacity and versatility.
surface damage
FallLine’s polyurethane bucket edges are made for light- and medium-duty bucket applications where operators feel plowing surface damage may be a concern, like on textured walkways or pavers. The edges consist of a heavy-duty polyurethane compound with an encased steel plate and are 2 1/2 inches thick and come in 6- or 8-inch widths.
Fall Line
Multi-purpose blade
With five blade configurations, the snow V-blade attachment from Bobcat can be positioned multiple ways. In the V-configuration, the attachment can clear a path and plow through deep snow. The blade can also scoop, push or pile snow right or left. Applications for the V-blade attachment include clearing deep snow from parking lots, driveways and roadways.
Light up snow
Featuring the Minute Mount 2 on/off system, the Fisher XtremeV V-plow allows operators to handle even the toughest jobs quickly. The plow is available in 7 1/2- to 9 1/2-foot sizes and stainless or poly-coated steel. The XtremeV also has Intensifire lights for maximum illumination.
Dump spreader
The SnowEx SP-2200 and SP-2200-H spreaders mount underneath the rear gate of dump bodies. They are available with either electric (SP-2200) or hydraulic (SP-2200-H) drives and work with the rising and lowering of dump beds. The spreaders feature noncorrosive polyethylene construction and a patented auger system.
Snow Ex 2200
Size up project
Measure properties, win jobs and bid sales with Go iLawn,  an online tool for property measurement and proposals. GoiLawn combines high-resolution property photos and measuring tools. Measurements can be integrated with a snow proposal builder that allows users to produce custom snow proposals and professional proposal documents.
Go I Lawn
New for 4Ă—4 1/2- to 1-ton trucks and SUVs, The Boss Snowplow introduced a 7-foot, 6-inch Power-V XT plow with built-in curb guards and snow catcher. Flared blade wings throw snow, and an enclosed hydraulic package protects against corrosion and hydraulic freeze-up.
Light-weight durability
Sno-Way’s 26R plow fits 1/2-ton trucks, including the F-150 with EcoBoost. The plow uses a dual-hinge design system and is built using high-strength steel to provided performance and durability, without added weight. The 26R also has a Down Pressure System for ultimate cleaning.
Sno Way
The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
Attachments Idea Book Cover