One of these landscaping attachments may make your next job a whole lot easier

Compact excavators, skid steers and compact track loaders are primary tools in a landscaper’s fleet. Some also may opt to use backhoes and larger excavators. What makes these machines so versatile is the variety of attachments that can be employed on each of these machines. To get you started, here examples of attachments currently on the market:

EverythingAttachmentsLandscape rake: Easily handle soil preparation with the Landscape Rake V3.0 from Everything Attachments, which has deluxe features at a cost-conscious price. Features include eight forward and reverse adjustments, a floating slot for the top link and the ability to angle or offset for simplified debris cleanup.


Power rake: John Deere’s Worksite Pro power rakes give you the ability to prepare seedbeds, rake rocks and develop a site. Adjustable end plates allow the attachment to serve both as rack and a box scraper, trapping and gathering stones for piling and pickup. The rake’s roller features carbide teeth that dig, lift and pulverize dirt, and after installing a 12-volt kit, roller assemblies can rotate 20 degrees from center in either direction.


Finish cut mower: Kunz Engineering’s AcrEase Model Pro60V 23-horsepower finish cut mower can take the place of expensive wide area mowers for a fraction of the cost. The Pro60V attaches to the side of a compact tractor, zero-turn mower or riding mower, and has a fully floating high capacity 60-inch-wide deck design. A 2-point crank system allows the cutting height to adjust from 1.5 to 5 inches.


GrouserLandscape planer: Perform a range of landscaping jobs with Grouser Products’ V3 FlexPlane attachment for skid steers. The attachment has a self-adjusting blade that rotates to contour to the ground, and uses a pivoting action to adjust for uneven ground and deliver maximum efficiency. The contouring action prevents floating empty, eliminating corners digging into high spots. Two double-beveled hardened cutting edges deliver aggressive cutting action and smooth leveling in forward and reverse. The Accu-Tach system ensures the V3 FlexPlane can be attached to any skid steer within minutes.

Cat dual lock tilt coupler

Tilt coupler: The Cat Dual-Lock Tilt pin-grabber-type hydraulic coupler attaches to Cat 5- and 8-ton compact excavators, allowing you to rotate work tools through a 180-degree arc. The coupler works with compatible pin-on work tools and also allows buckets to be used in a front-shovel configuration. You can change work tools from the cab, and a visible locking mechanism assures that tools are securely attached. The locking system uses a wedge plate that is positioned with a hydraulic cylinder with an integrated check valve.


Box blade: Bobcat’s Box Blade attachment’s foam-filled tires offer floatation to keep the blade moving smoothly over the ground. the blade can do rough grading and landscaping, fill in low spots and carry materials to bring the surface close to grade. Used with a laser control system, the attachment can do fine grading for flatwork applications. The front bolster on the attachment can be raised or lowered to the height of the cutting edge.

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Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
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