Product roundup: Vanguard announces all-new line of single-cylinder engines

Updated Feb 6, 2018
Photo: VanguardPhoto: Vanguard

Vanguard has introduced a new line of single-cylinder horizontal shaft commercial gasoline engines it created in response to customer feedback.

The engines have been built from the ground up and have been designed to improve productivity, starting, maintenance intervals and total cost of ownership. The line will span from 5 to 13 horsepower to meet the various needs of commercial products.

“For decades, manufacturers have been modifying old designs,” said Jim Cross, marketing manager for Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power. “We went out and asked people what they wanted and needed out of a single-cylinder engine before we even started designing this platform. We interviewed hundreds of stakeholders including rental houses, end users and dealers worldwide to better understand the issues they face; the need for improved starting, reduced maintenance, less noise and vibration and better service and support. Then, we engineered a superior product that outperforms the competition in each category.”

Starting from scratch enabled Vanguard to create all-new carburetion, ignition and combustion systems. The new engine line has been engineered for four-season starting by being able to start in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, all the surfaces inside the carburetor that contact fuel are covered in a special corrosion and stale fuel resistant plating.

Vanguard’s exclusive single ignition and fuel shutoff TransportGuard, which the company says prevents oil dilution during transportation, is included.

Maintenance has been reduced thanks to an oil management system that allows the engine to run up to 200 hours between oil changes and the fully-cyclonic air filtration system that extends air filter replacement intervals to every 600 hours.

The company also worked on lessening engine vibration and noise. Acoustic engineers worked on reducing the decibel levels and the perceived harshness of the engine’s sound.

“We didn’t stop with performance,” Cross said. “Our feedback indicated customers feel other manufacturers fall short when it comes to service and support. That’s unacceptable. From training to warranty processing, we provide customers with unmatched support so they can be more productive and, at the end of the day, have more money in their pockets.”

The first engine, the 6.5-gross horsepower Vanguard 200 will be available this year and the remaining models will be released over the next two years.

Steiner debuts new Flex Deck attachment

Steiner, a manufacturer of various attachments, has developed a new Flex Deck attachment designed for the Steiner 440 and 450 tractors.

Photo: SteinerPhoto: Steiner

The attachment features four independent decks and like the original Flex Deck, it has an 80” cut and can follow the contours of the ground.

Some of the improvements to this version include a redesigned center deck and belt driveline for easier service and longer belt life. An on-board utility bar allows operators to adjust cut height or perform belt service in minutes.

Anti-scalp features have been enhanced with anti-scalp discs beneath blade spindles and an additional roller on the discharge deck. Rubber dampeners also help provide quieter operation by eliminating metal-to-metal contact.

“Our Steiner tractors, especially the new 450 tractor, are designed to thrive on uneven terrain, so we wanted to ensure that our Flex Deck mowing attachment was up to the same challenge,” said Matt Donohue, Steiner business director. “With these updates, we’re even more confident that this machine and attachment can take on the tough task of mowing hills and tricky slopes.”

Earthquake introduces VERSA two-in-one tiller cultivator

Earthquake Groundbreaking Power Equipment, an outdoor power equipment manufacturer, has developed a two-in-one garden tool that serves as both a rototiller and cultivator.

Photo: EarthquakePhoto: Earthquake

This invention known as the VERSA can shift between being a 21-inch front tine tiller to an 11-inch cultivator by the tool-less removal of the outer tines and shields.

“As a 21-inch-wide front tine tiller, VERSA delivers the power to break new ground and prepare garden beds in the spring,” said Kirk Hyatt, product line manager for Earthquake. “The poly Tufflex side shields and outer tines are easily removed without tools, converting VERSA from a full-size tiller into a narrow 11-inch-wide cultivator for controlling weeds, aerating soil between growing plants and maintaining planting beds and crop rows in summer.”

The VERSA is powered by a Viper 99 cc engine and it has a tighter footprint than most tillers allowing for better maneuvering.

Earthquake says that the Tufflex poly side shields boast the ability to take a beating without getting dented or bent like metal. The VERSA has a 5-year limited warranty.

EarthForce adds to its aftermarket parts product line

Photo: EarthForcePhoto: EarthForce

A manufacturer of aftermarket parts, EarthForce has added new Hex rubber tracks for compact track loaders.

Designed to provide the most traction and versatility on all surfaces and ground conditions, the Hex rubber tracks are multipurpose. EarthForce says they create the smoothest ride in the industry over asphalt, concrete, dirt, sand, mud, grass and lawns.

Below are the 13 available sizes approved for compact track loaders:

  •  180x72x39
  • 450x86x52
  • 180x72x45
  • 450x86x55
  • 250x72x39
  • 450x86x58
  • 320x86x49
  • 450x86x56
  • 320x86x52
  • 320x86x50
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