Case pushes the power envelope with its biggest CTL yet

Updated Oct 26, 2018
Photo: CasePhoto: Case

Case decided to challenge what counts as compact as it debuted the TV450 compact track loader (CTL) at GIE+EXPO last week.

The machine weighs in at 10,610 pounds and has a rated operating capacity of 4,500 pounds at 50 percent tipping load.

Photo: CasePhoto: Case

The vertical lift machine has 9,188 pounds of breakout force. It has optional high-flow (3,450 psi at 39.5 gpm) and enhanced high-flow (4,000 psi at 35 gpm) hydraulics for operators who need to run attachments such as mulchers, stump grinders and cold planers.

“The Case TV450 provides lifting and earthmoving performance that will meet the demand of general contractors, landscapers, roadbuilders – and the 4,000 psi with enhanced high-flow makes this an excellent platform for attachments,” says Deborah Townsley, product marketing manager for Case. “It’s a powerful, large-frame loader that handles heavy materials and still provides the advantages of low ground pressure for jobsites where finished lawns and underground utilities may exist.”

Landscapers can choose between standard mechanical (H pattern) controls, optional electro-hydraulic controls (H pattern and ISO pattern interchangeability) or optional mechanical hand and foot controls. For the elector-hydraulic controls, EZ-EH, speed and control sensitivity can be adjusted for each application and attachment.

A number of traditionally premium features now come standard on the TV450. Some of these include heavy-duty front and side lights, front cylinder guards, remote oil and fuel filters and a debris ingression sealing to prevent material from entering the engine compartment.

The cab offers 360-degree visibility and a large, rounded rear window and in-cab rearview mirror increase site awareness.

The TV450 uses a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system that only needs diesel exhaust fluid, meeting Tier 4 Final requirements. Operators can easily access all service points through a single point of access at the rear of the machine.

Case says that since it has reached Tier 4 Final emission standards for its machines, it can now focus once more on making its equipment more efficient.

The manufacturer also introduced an all-new precision laser grading box attachment and a new mulcher attachment.

Photo: CasePhoto: Case

The laser grading box can be used on skid steers and CTLs and is ideal for concrete subgrade, parking lots, driveways, athletic fields and other fine-grading applications. The attachment is able to finish grades to within 1/10th of an inch.

The grading box has a reversible cutting edge on all sides so operators can grade moving forward or in reverse to increase productivity.

The user sets their desired grade and the laser beam is read by the laser receivers. The control panel interprets where the beam of light is in relation to the grade and the hydraulic valve system adjusts the grading box to provide an accurate grade.

Case says that this eases the learning curve that comes with grading and while they cannot solve the skills gap, they are working to mitigate it.

The laser grading box is available in 72-, 84- and 96-inch configurations.

Photo: CasePhoto: Case

Meanwhile, the mulcher-head attachment is ideal for land clearing, site prep, right-of-way and trail maintenance. It has a variable two-speed motor that adjusts to maximize rotor speed and torque based on changing material loads.

It comes standard with double-carbide teeth and a severe construction for durability. A Samurai knife tool is available for finer and more consistent chip size. An optional deflector door can contain the debris, as well as achieve finer debris sizes.

Case has also announced it will start accepting entries for its 2019 Case Kickstart Contest soon, which awards landscape contractors with a suite of prizes designed to enhance the expertise and development of their operation.

“The Case Kickstart program will provide skilled industry entrepreneurs with valuable resources including intellectual capital and equipment that will inspire and empower them to achieve their greatest success,” says Ken Thomas, co-founder of Envisor Consulting.

The prize package includes:

  • A six-month lease on any Case CTL paired with a laser grading box
  • A yearlong consultation with Ken Thomas and Ben Gandy of Envisor Consulting
  • A full set of six Crusader Hammer Tools by Pave Tech
  • Fleet management consultation and recommendations from Case through 2019
  • Custom-branded Case apparel/uniforms for staff
  • Up to five passes to GIE+EXPO 2019

“We were impressed with the quality of entries in 2018, and we expect there to be even greater interest and competition in 2019,” says Michel Marchand, vice president – North America, Case. “The entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic of landscapers helps build the community around us, improve the environment we live in and create good jobs in the industry – Kickstart is designed to accelerate that growth for the winner and guide them into future business and career growth.”

Case, along with Envisor, will choose the winner and runners up will receive tickets to GIE 2019, as well as consultative considerations from Case. Austin Kirby, the owner of KirbAppeal Lawn & Landscape LLC, won the inaugural contest last year.

The entry period is Nov. 1, 2018 to Feb. 28, 2019. Click here to enter.

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