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‘Spot the Hazard’ Safety Campaign to Raise Safe Jobsite Awareness
Patty Vaughan | August 15, 2013

imagesHave you ever seen a dangerous work environment, but was unable to address the situation because it wasn’t your own crews, workers or employees?

MySafetySign has launched a “spot the hazard” campaign to help promote the awareness of dangerous construction workplaces.

MySafetySign produces official Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) signs.

The message “#HazardSpotting” is to be used across social media platforms to crowd source and analyze suspected construction site safety violations.

After a potentially unsafe environment is shown from a picture, safety experts address the photos and share answers through blog posts on how to address the problem.

Mike Miles, Social Media Manager says that the #HazardSpotting helps bring safety concerns to light for everyday construction workers.

The idea is to improve worker’s safety across the country.


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