Insights: Changing quarterbacks

Sports analogies have become so prevalent they often become fodder for jokes by those who consider themselves much too articulate to resort to the same old tired clichés. Count me among those who still must rely on the clichés from time to time. After all, most of us are in some sort of competition every day, be it business, amateur sports, or in my case, just trying to get a word in edge-wise in a home where three daughters serve as head coach. What better way to describe that process than to compare yourself with Vince Lombardi and your staff or crew with your favorite world champion sports team.

Following that vein of thinking, Total Landscape Care just changed quarterbacks. We hired Glenn DiNella as editor in chief of our magazine, replacing Jack Roberts. Jack was promoted to a position with one of our sister publications serving the trucking industry, Commercial Carrier Journal, opening an opportunity for Glenn.

Glenn was a sought-after five-star recruit, as his credentials include an education in landscape architecture, experience writing about plants and landscaping for both consumer and trade publications, and perhaps most importantly to you, he has had dirt under his fingernails as a practicing professional landscaper. We believe that we have the most qualified guy in the industry to keep TLC on top, but you will ultimately be the judge of that.

The business of landscaping, like so many others in a rapid growth mode, is changing almost daily. We have to stay one step ahead of where our business is going – or get left hopelessly behind. Sort of like how the offenses on many football teams are becoming more wide open, with many more options making them a lot less predictable. So must the defenses adapt. We feel that by having a guy who has not only written about the business, but has actually had his hands in it, strategized about how to make a particular application work, and had to worry that his price was too low and his insurance premiums too high, will translate well when he is connecting with our readers editorially.

The players are in place for a run at the championship, but we are going to have to take it one game at a time in order to be considered among the best over the long haul. We hope that you will stay tuned.

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