Insights: Rallying the troops

Our new president, who will be sworn in next month, will have a tough time deciding which problem to tackle first – and there are plenty to choose from. Let’s see: the war, health-care costs, the price of oil, and the overall economy – should give him plenty to do in the first month or so. A more daunting task might be pulling the country back together after such a grueling, polarizing campaign. So many opinions, so many differing answers, so many feelings bruised. One of the responsibilities of being an American is rallying behind our leader. That does not mean we blindly follow and agree with everything they say. It means we exhibit a unified country both domestically and abroad. Throughout our history, Americans have rallied when things got tough – through two world wars, through cultural changes, through the Great Depression where the whole country suffered together. It seems the worst brings out the best in us. In retrospect, it almost seems like magic when humans respond to a crisis, drop disagreement and prejudice, and work together toward a common goal.

My in-laws – who are in their golden years and rely on a fixed income – are fearful of the market fluctuation that determines what they will live on for the remainder of their lives. My daughter, who is planning a June wedding, wonders what the mortgage situation will look like six months from now when they begin house hunting. Fear abounds, no matter which stage of life you happen to be in.

Regardless of whom you voted for, fear might overwhelm one or two of us, but it cannot conquer a righteous, unified mission. Our response to the challenging times facing our nation, our businesses, and our way of life, should be to work harder, free ourselves of negative anticipation, and maintain our core character and values. If we are able to do that, then we will move through the stormy times, and prosper once again when the winds change.

By the way, Happy Holidays from the staff of Total Landscape Care!

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