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Life-Size Permeable Paver Checkerboard Teaches Kids About ‘Being Green’
Patty Vaughan | July 17, 2014

Zeljka Roksandic, owner of Green Way Pavements, recently made a donation to the Children’s Museum and Discovery Center of Binghamton, New York in a unique way.

The museum had a deteriorated concrete driveway, so Roksandic designed an 11-by-11-foot checkerboard using EcoRaster Pavers.

She alternated black and white gravel filled grid-pavers and surrounded the whole project with a white border.

The best part? Children get to play checkers while learning about “being green.”

Children can learn about permeable pavers vs. impermeable surfaces, as well as how the ground helps the purification of water and the water table below them.

The Center was able to acquire a large set of checker and chessmen markers, and children can play individually or on teams.

Because the board is so large, children are able to exercise by moving the extra large markers around.

The board is a 100-percent recycled permeable plastic grid-paver system with interlocking square grids that snap together.

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