How Fountains Add to Landscape

Updated Mar 26, 2013

FountainsThe crowning jewel of nurseryman Leo Haro’s front yard is a three-tiered fountain that he can turn on from inside his house. Three flamingo statues appear to walk toward the fountain in a sea of yellow pansies.

Although most people purchase smaller fountains for patios and backyards, the key to picking out and installing a fountain is balance.

A large fountain looks better in the center of a large yard, while a smaller fountain may look better tucked into the corner of a patio, Haro said.

“The key is to balance the property,” he said.

It took five years to landscape his front yard, and the fountain was installed last. Five men toiled for a couple of hours trying to level the fountain so the water would fall evenly on all sides. They were not successful.

“It was a nightmare,” he said.

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By Teresa Douglass

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