Trailer Catches Fire, Sending One to Hospital

Updated May 3, 2013
Photo credit: Salem PatchPhoto credit: Salem Patch

One landscaping trailer caught fire this week near Salem, Massachusetts.

The blaze sent one person to the hospital with second- and third-degree burns.

The fire was kept to a minimum but not before endangering a house and bringing down a few utility lines temporarily shutting off power.

All landscaping crews carry valuable and important equipment to get the job done, and a trailer is no exception.

Even though the cause of this fire has yet to be determined, keeping a trailer properly tuned up can help avoid a situation like this one in Salem.

Here are a few things to keep in mind from Total Landscape Care’s article, “5 Things to Ask When Buying a Trailer

1.  What is the tongue weight of the trailer?

2.  What materials are used in the floor and walls, and how thick are those materials?

3.  What weight rating are the tires?

4.  What is the payload capacity of the trailer with optional equipment added?

5.  Where can I have the trailer serviced?  

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