Educating Clients on Smart Water Systems Key

Updated May 13, 2013
Photo Credit: Rain BirdPhoto Credit: Rain Bird

Installing a smart water irrigation system is important, but teaching your client how to monitor the system is just as vital.

Sometimes, when clients hear the words “smart irrigation system” they may think monitoring is not necessary.

However, according to an article from Kelowna Capital News, there are smart irrigation systems and stupid ones.

Water is being wasted on lawns all across America, because people are setting their smart water irrigation system to run a certain length of time and to distribute the same amount of water through a variety of seasons.

The smart irrigation systems include sensors that alert the system on how much water is in the soil ultimately determining how much irrigation is needed.

However, landscapers should make sure their client is informed on how to work the system. Even if the client will not touch the system, it’s imperative to educate them on how the system works in case of emergencies, overwatering or lack of water. 

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