Get Ahead of State, County Codes

Updated May 20, 2013
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One landscaping company in Georgia recently got the ‘OK’ from a board to install two 1,000-gallon, above-ground tanks.

The tanks are for fueling vehicles, but the company had to go before the Forsyth County Zoning Board of Appeals before making the install, according to Forsyth News.

The development codes for the area include that tanks of that nature must be placed 500 feet from any residential area. However, because of site limitations, the requirement would be impossible.

The board agreed to have the company install the tanks 250 feet from the residential property.

Becoming familiar with state and county codes is extremely important in the landscaping industry.

Knowing what can and can’t be done on a property will help each project run smoother and eliminate future frustrations.

Even though the board took over a month to come to a decision, an improper installation was avoided. 

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