Tree Band Helps Fight Swarming Gypsy Moths

Updated Jul 14, 2013

Gypsy moths are taking over.

States like Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Washington and Oregon have started to spray trees with Bacillus Thuringiensis to help control the spreading of the moths.

However, one product has come to help fight this pesky insect.

The Bug Barrier Tree Band is a turnkey kit that is USDA tested and specifically designed to fight against the gypsy moth.

The band is pesticide-free and has an adhesive banding system.

The band features a dense, flexible, fiber barrier that can be wrapped around the trunk of a tree to fill the bark’s crevices.

The adhesive film barrier is installed over the fiber with the adhesive side facing the tree. The top wrap is installed on the top of the band and clings to itself.

The bands should be installed with gypsy moths larvae are feeding, and can be placed through the summer and early fall to catch the adult females as they lay their eggs. 

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