Keep your client’s property fruitful and flowering in the fall

Updated Sep 7, 2023

Even though cooler temperatures are coming, the fall can still be a time for fruitful landscapes.

Monrovia suggests using plants that produce ornamental berries that will flourish in the fall but also be an important food source for birds.

Here are a few fall favorites from Monrovia:

Profusion BeautyberryProfusion Beautyberry

Profusion Beautyberry features abundant clusters of violet berries along its branches. Be sure to leave plenty of berries on the bush for migrating birds.


Purple Dome New England AsterPurple Dome New England Aster

Hyssop is a perennial shrub in the Mint family and is sometimes called Hummingbird Mint because hummingbirds love the flowers that bloom from early summer through fall. Heatwave has lavender-pink blooms; Blue Fortune’s are lavender-blue; and Summer Love has dense clusters of red-purple flowers. Asters blooms all summer through fall.  Purple Dome creates large mounds of dainty purple flowers. For smaller spaces, Woods Pink and Woods Blue are powerhouses of color. Farmington Michaelmas produces lilac blooms.


Full Moon TickseedFull Moon Tickseed

Tickseed is a perennial that will provide color all summer and into fall, and attract butterflies and bees. The company’s Big Bang selections are well branched and provide disease resistance. Big Bang Redshift has butter yellow flowers with deep red centers that streak toward the petal edges. As the weather cools in the fall, they turn ruby red. Big Bang Mercury Rising is the first truly hardy red variety; and Big Bang Full Moon has bright yellow daisy-like flowers.


Red Daisy Garden MumRed Daisy Garden Mum

When you think of fall blooming perennials, most people instantly think: Chrysanthemums.  There are those big “Football Mums” that find themselves in homecoming corsages…but in the garden, most people grow the daisy-shaped varieties. The company’s Mammoth Series were bred in Minnesota and are the most cold-hardy varieties. Try Lavender, Red Daisy or Yellow Quill, which have interestingly shaped petals.


Eichholz CotoneasterEichholz Cotoneaster

Cotoneaster are known for fall foliage and colorful berries. These low-growing groundcover shrubs tend to deter deer browsing. Eichholtz has red fruit and gold-red foliage in fall. Tom Thumb is a dwarf variety, reaching just one to two feet tall. Coral Beauty has dense, prostrate branches covered with green foliage. In fall, its purple tinged foliage enhances the profusion of coral red berries.


Ignite Red St. John’s WortIgnite Red St. John’s Wort

Birds will love fall-fruiting Snowberries.  Charming Fantasy has large white berries tinged in pink.  The berries on Scarlet Pearl are a deep pink; and the Blade of Sun has chartreuse-yellow foliage covered with purple flowers in the fall. Ignite Red St. John’s Wort has yellow summer flowers, then red berries.  A Compact Strawberry Shrub has white flowers, followed by red strawberry-like fruit that lasts through late winter. Pyracantha are loaded with berries for the birds.  Red Elf is a dwarf variety, with deep red berries. Yukon Belle is popular for its bright orange fruit.


Shishigashira Japanese MapleShishigashira Japanese Maple

Now is a great time to plant a Japanese Maple for fall color next year, and several varieties are ideal for the smaller garden. Shishigashira has a nice compact habit and its leaves are purple-red with orange-red patterns in fall. Shaina will reach just 6-8 feet, but turns a deep maroon-red. For fall color, Ginkgo or Maidenhair  trees have fan-shaped leaves. The Jade Butterfly is bright green and then turns golden in fall. Autumn Gold is a non-fruiting Ginkgo that changes color as the weather begins to cool. A perennial for extended season beauty is Color Flash Astilbe. As flowers fade in the fall, its foliage turns dark burgundy, highlighted with fall colors.

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