Vermeer Brush Chipper Designed to Help Fuel Efficiency

Updated Mar 13, 2014

BC1000XL_COB1Vermeer is getting landscapers ready for the spring season by adding a brush chipper to its lineup.

The BC1000XL features a diesel engine and has a Tier 4 Final Deutz engine option with DVERT diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) technology.

To help with fuel efficiency, the machine also features an EcoIdle engine control system.

When the EcoIdle engine control system is engaged, it automatically lowers engine speed to 1400 rpm if no material has been chipped for either 60 seconds or 5 minutes, whichever setting the operator chooses.

The machine also features a multifunction display that monitors machine functions such as engine rpms, battery voltage, fuel consumption and coolant temperatures.

Fault codes and error messages alert the operator to a potential issue.

The company’s SmartFeed feed-sensing control system features a standard bottom feed stop bar, which is designed to make it possible for the operator’s leg to strike the bar and stop the feed roller either intentionally or automatically. The 12-by-17-inch (30.5 by 43.2 cm) infeed opening enables the chipper to better process difficult material.

The BC1000XL diesel model is available with two engine options: 49 horsepower (36.5 kW) or 74-horsepower (55.2 kW) turbocharged.

The BC1000XL is also available with an 89-horsepower (66.4 kW) GM 3.0 L engine. This machine is available in a dual-fuel option — running on propane or gasoline — or a gasoline only option. 

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