FlightControl Plus Helps Prevent Geese Invasion

Flight Control Plus Tlc MagazineOne of the biggest problems a landscaper can face has nothing to do with bugs, disease or weather: it’s geese.

To help, Arkion Life Sciences produced FlightControl Plus, a goose repellent that gets the birds to leave without harm, while preventing the “drop” of parasite-carrying feces and damage.

Geese have found luxury in living on lawns rather than flying south each fall and north each summer.

Canadian geese eat up to three pounds of grass per day, and the cost of repairing lawns and cleanup of goose droppings can run as high as $1,000.

Additionally, the nitrogen content in the droppings can contribute to algae growth in ponds and lakes.

The EPA-approved FlightControl Plus is a spray-on solution, which is odorless, waterproof and does not harm humans, vegetation or wildlife.

The repellent uses an environmentally safe compound called anthranquinone. It works in two ways by first sending a visual warning. When sprayed on the turf, the compound absorbs ultraviolet light, something the geese can see even though humans can’t.

This sends a visual signal to the geese that something is wrong with their food.

Secondly, it gives the geese a stomachache if digested. When geese sample the treated turf, they experience a harmless, but effective digestive irritation.

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