How To Win Landscaper of the Year

Your odds of being chosen as one of 12 Landscaper of the Year finalists is much better than winning the lottery.Your odds of being chosen as one of 12 Landscaper of the Year finalists is much better than winning the lottery.

Everyone tells me I need to enter the lottery because I win almost every contest I enter. I’ll admit — my luck is a bit ridiculous.

In the past few months, I’ve won several concert tickets, private meet-and-greets with bands, the grand prize at an Indy race (started the race in the flag stand, gave the winner’s trophy and had a blast) and other radio contests.

Want to know my secret? I entered.

We’ve all heard the saying: You can’t win unless you try to win. And that’s true for our Landscaper of the Year contest.

I constantly talk to landscapers who say they haven’t entered because they don’t think they have a large enough company, only offer lawn maintenance services, have less than 10 employees and the reasons go on and on.

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The truth is that we don’t pick landscapers based on any of those components. Instead, we look at how owners run their business, interact with the community, treat employees and their safety records.

Here are more tips on how to catch our attention with your app:

1. Email/Attach photos. You can email me photos ([email protected]) or send them in your package if you mail it in.
2. Answer all of the questions. We need as much info as possible to choose the 12 finalists — and eventually the Landscaper of the Year.
3. Enter! You have nothing to lose but the few minutes it takes to enter, and you could win a lot: a cruise to the Bahamas, a feature about your business in the magazine and time with a great network of landscapers.

So stop thinking of reasons why you haven’t entered and do it today. The deadline is Thursday, July 31.

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