Organizations Collaborate to Monitor Unique Stormwater Management Solution

G I 58592 StockandflowSeveral companies have come together to monitor a new stormwater management solution.

Vegetal i.D. has collaborated with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, Fund for Lake Michigan, The Water Council, UW-Milwaukee and UW-Whitewater to watch the performance of the new system.

The system combines blue roof and green roof technologies.

Green and blue roofs are a component of a new form of low-cost high-impact stormwater management known as green infrastructure.

The goal of green infrastructure programs is to mimic natural systems in order to manage stormwater on-site and minimize problems such as polluted runoff and basement backups.

The alternative solution involves the expansion and maintenance of traditional grey infrastructure systems.

The goal, known as Fresh Coast 740, is to capture 740 million gallons of water every time it rains.

Vegetal i.D.’s Stock & Flow system is a reservoir below the green roof that adds 2 inches of rainwater capacity to a traditional green roof, passively irrigates the plants, and controls the way in which water is released from the roof.

The company recently launched a pilot project to demonstrate the performance of Stock & Flow. The project will compare stormwater management performance of two versions of Stock & Flow, a typical extensive green roof and a standard roof. They will also measure performance metrics such as the productivity of the plants and their ability to cool the roof.

This study will also assess the costs and benefits associated with these systems. This will enable policy makers and sewer system managers like MMSD to better understand the costs and benefits associated with these systems. 

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