How to be a better manager

Updated Aug 31, 2018
Not only do you take care of the business, but you should also put effort into how you manage your employees.Not only do you take care of the business, but you should also put effort into how you manage your employees.

Managing people can be one of the hardest tasks for a landscape business owner. Not only does the owner have to worry about daily issues that arise with crews, but they should also think about how to improve the overall work environment for their employees.

Here are 3 management techniques that will help you and your employees.

1. Show you care. Time after time, landscapers tell me their employees are the reason for their success. So, you should make sure your workers actually know that. When an employee talks to you — whether it be a work or personal concern — listen. Your time is valuable, so showing you’re willing to take time to listen and talk with an employee can go a long way. If they send you an email, text or give you a call, try to return it quickly. Meeting with individually can also help build a good work relationship.

2. Identify the influencers. Among your employees, identify the key players – the people who influence others’ behavior, whether or not they hold a title or official authority, says Peder Johnsen, CEO of Concordis Senior Living. Meet with them on a regular basis so you can stay plugged in to what’s happening on the front lines.

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Talk to them about systems and areas that need to be fixed, overhauled or eliminated and about how team members are working together. They’ll often have ideas for innovations. The idea is not to look for people or problems to blame but to work together to develop solutions and improve the team’s overall efforts. “The information you get in speaking with these key players is invaluable,” Johnsen says.

3. Know your limitations. You can’t expect to do everything — and no one expects you to. If you know your personal limits, you can then be mindful of them and proactive to work around them. You know that interview question: “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” If you don’t know both of those, you’re only hurting yourself — and you’ll never reach your full potential.

What are your management tips?

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