5 ways to prep mowers for winter

Updated Apr 6, 2018

Photo of a Green Riding Mower

Ready for winter?

Some landscapers may be kicking and screaming as that white substance known as snow begins to fall.

However, as much as landscapers may be dreading the winter season, it’s time to take care of mowers properly.

Here are a few tips from John Deere Commercial Mowing:

Machine care: Make sure to keep your machine ready for next year by cleaning the machine and deck, repairing chipped or scratched paint, and lubricating grease points. 

Properly store: Be sure to follow proper storage steps as the end of fall approaches. Store the vehicle in a cool, dry place, or, if the mower must be stored outside, cover it with waterproof material. 

Fuel system: If you are currently using fuel stabilizer, fill fuel tank completely. If you are not using fuel stabilizer, take the proper steps to refill fuel.

Engine preparation: Follow the manufacturer’s service intervals, including changing the oil and oil filter and cleaning the cooling system.

Monitor tires: Changing weather conditions require an extra look at tires. Be sure to increase or decrease tire pressure depending on weather in your region.

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