Case intros skid steers, CTLs with SCR technology at World of Concrete (Photos)


As World of Concrete kicks off in Las Vegas, Nevada today, manufacturers are unveiling a variety of machines on the floor, including Case Construction Equipment.

In addition to the introduction of two skid steers, the company also released Tier 4 Final skid steers and CTLs with SCL technology.

SR240 and SV280
These two Tier 4 Final skid steers feature 74 horsepower and deliver a torque of 232 foot-pounds.

Additionally, the machines have a bucket breakout force of up to 8,680 pounds, standard hydraulics (24.2 gallons per minute) and high-flow auxiliary (33.2 gpm).

Weighing in at 7,400 pounds, the SR240 has a rated operating capacity of 2,400 pounds, while the 8,090-pound SV280 offers an ROC of 2,800 pounds.

Both machines feature no filters to maintain or fluids to add, and Case’s particulate matter catalyst is a combination of a diesel oxidation catalyst and a flow-through filter. The DOC oxidizes the machine’s exhaust to create heat and manage emissions. The remaining particulate matter then passes through to the filter where it is slowed and burned.

Hydraulic quick couplers allow operators to change attachments from the cab, while Connect Under Pressure manifolds require no tools to connect or disconnect hydraulic lines. Both models now come standard with a block heater and a 25.5-gallon fuel tank.

SR270 and SV300
In addition to its skid steers, Case also introduced skid steers with selective catalytic reduction technology.

The SR270 radial-lift skid steer features an operating capacity of 2,700 pounds at 90 horsepower.

The Tier 4 Final models both feature SCR engine technology, which is a result of emissions reduction experience by Fiat Powertrain Technologies.

The skid steers weigh in at 8,117 (SR270) and 8,655 (SV300) pounds, and deliver a torque of 282 foot-pounds and bucket breakout force up to 8,776 pounds.

Rated at 90 gross horsepower, the machines include standard (24.2 gallons-per-minute) and high-flow auxiliary (37.6 gpm), as well as a 25.5-gallon fuel tank.

Because SCR is an after-treatment system, it lowers exhaust temperatures and does not require fuel use associated with burning off particular matter.

Both machines include the 950 CCA battery designed for cold-weather startups.


TR340 and TV380
Rounding out its World of Concrete display, Case unveiled the TR340 and the TV380 compact track loaders.

The Tier 4 Final machines are also outfitted with selective catalytic reduction technology.

The two machines round out the company’s lineup of large-frame CTLs, now providing a radial-lift (TR340) and vertical-lift (TV380) design to choose from in the larger footprint.

The radial-lift TR340 weighs 10,000 pounds with a rated operating capacity of 3,400 pounds and a bucket breakout force of 8,700 pounds.

The vertical-lift TV380 weighs 10,550 pounds, provides 7,510 pounds of bucket breakout force and an ROC of 3,800 pounds.

Both machines are rated at 90 gross horsepower, produce 282 foot-pounds of torque and increase hydraulic flow rates (standard: 24.2 gallons-per-minute; high-flow: 37.6 gpm). Both machines also include the 25.5-gallon fuel tank and the 950 CCA battery.


All of Case’s machines include the 360-degree visibility with a cab-forward design, skylight and ultra-narrow wide side screens.

They offer the EZ-EH (electro-hydraulic) setup menu with nine adjustable speed and control sensitivity settings. A single rocker switch alternates between the company’s “H” operating pattern and ISO pattern controls for operators.

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