Signature Control Systems touts new micro-irrigation line

LogoSignature Control Systems says its new micro-irrigation product line features “pressure-compensating technology.”

By maintaining uniform water-flow rates through all pressures, the company says, its micro-irrigation products ensure water is used more efficiently when irrigating shrubs, lawns, container plants and flowerbeds.

The products are also more effective in targeting specific plants, according to Signature Control Systems, further increasing water efficiency by applying small quantities of water directly above the soil surface. Whether in the form of discrete drops, continuous drops or tiny streams, the technology allows water to drip slowly to the roots of plants.

In a news release on the new product line, the company says its pressure-compensating technology “ensures uniform water spray and dispersement rates, regardless of the actual pressure coming in from the source.” Conventional spray-head nozzles often disperse water at a much higher rate than necessary, the company says.

Signature Control Systems’ pressure-compensating technology is available for drippers, mini-bubblers, drip spikes, sprays, jet sprays and sprinklers.

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