Products: Rayco’s touts versatility of RM27 tracked tool carrier

The stump cutter shown here is one of several landscaping and snow removal attachments for the RM27. Photo: RaycoThe stump cutter shown here is one of several landscaping and snow removal attachments for the RM27.
Photo: Rayco

No longer is its stump cutter just a one-trick pony, Rayco Manufacturing Inc. says. The company’s RM27 Multi Tool Carrier is a new platform for carrying a variety of work tools, including tillers, trenchers, snow throwers, power brooms and push blades, as well as a stump cutter of course.

The new RM27 is self-propelled, with rubber tracks and is powered by a 26.5-horsepower Kohler gasoline engine.

Rayco says it designed the RM27 for the landscape industry as well as for rental businesses.

The machine features easy-to-operate controls and a low maintenance hydraulic system, according to the manufacturer.

Rayco says service points on the RM27 are easily accessible. The machine’s powered implements feature beltless drive trains. For more details, visit the company’s website here.

Mattracks: Conversion to tracks is quick

Mattracks-LiteFootMattracks, a maker of rubber track conversion systems, says it has produced a commercial grade rubber track conversion system for your utility work machine. The company says you can convert from your tires to tracks in less than an hour.

Features include offset rocker suspension, two-piece HD steel sprocket, rubber coated UHMW wheels and a 15-inch wide all-terrain track with an easy steer option. The easy steer option provides effortless two and four-wheel steering while minimally increasing the turning radius.

There are 16 Mattracks LiteFoot models to fit Bobcats 3400, 3400XL, 3450, 3600 and 3650.

Mattracks notes that it has been converting 4Ă—4 trucks, SUVs, tractors and UTVs from wheels to tracks for the past 21 plus years now.

Worksaver offers new Kubota adapters

Two new adapters are now available from Worksaver to interface with Kubota loaders with pin style buckets.

Worksaver-Kubota-adapterOne adapter is designed for Kubota models LA504 and LA534, while the other fits models LA524 and LA525.

These adapters pin to the loader arms, using existing pins, allowing the use of skid steer type attachments.  Both adapters are built to the “universal” skid steer standard, Worksaver says, and feature plated handles, pins, springs and bushings to provide a long service life.

Worksaver, Inc. is a manufacturer of agricultural, industrial, commercial and construction equipment for a variety of applications.

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