Product roundup: Grapple, pond aeration, hydraulic cooler

The new grapple is designed to retain rocks while allowing dirt to be sifted out of the bucket. Photo: Worksaver Inc.The new grapple is designed to retain rocks while allowing dirt to be sifted out of the bucket.
Photo: Worksaver Inc.

Worksaver Inc. now offers a 42-inch “SARG,” or Sweep Action Rock Grapple, for mini skid steers and compact tool carriers for handling rocks, brush, logs, stumps and debris. The company says its patent pending design enables operators to sort large or small rocks and debris with a single tool.

The front grapple operates in a sweeping action to pull rocks or debris into the bucket. The grapple then retains the rocks or debris while the operator rocks the attachment to sift out the dirt. Lower tines are made from 1-inch material and spaced 3 inches apart.

Worksaver offers an optional bolt-in, 10-gauge solid bottom for those jobs requiring that all material be retained in the bucket.

You can find more information about the new Worksaver grapple at the manufacturer’s website.

New aeration system supports pond health

Franklin Electric Co. Inc. has introduced the new Little Giant Aeration System to ensure biological health in ponds up to a half acre.

The multi-functional, 0.5-horsepower aeration system is capable of moving up to 500 gallons per minute, the company says.

aeration-systemFranklin Electric says its Little Giant Aeration System is ready to use out of the box, coming standard as an all-in-one package that includes the float, aerator and motor. The system requires 115 volts and a minimum depth of 18 inches of water to operate.

Other uses include decoration for bodies of water, water agitation, ice prevention and mixing.

With an optional conversion kit, Franklin Electric says, the system can be transformed quickly into an attractive fountain display. The kit includes the pump head, nozzle stem and multiple fountain nozzles.

Once the selected fountain nozzle is installed, the Little Giant system provides up to five different spraying patterns, with average spray heights of 8-15 feet and average spray widths of 14-30 feet.

Loftness redesigns Cool Flow, raising capacity

Loftness says its redesigned Cool Flow auxiliary hydraulic cooler is more valuable than ever in meeting the needs of tool carriers and other machines operating in demanding conditions. In addition to decreasing the profile of the Cool Flow, Loftness says, the redesign significantly increased the product’s cooling capacity.

The company notes that under heavy attachment loads or high ambient temperatures, hydraulics can overheat, putting the machine out of commission until the oil temperature returns to a safe level. The Cool Flow reduces the risk of overheating in almost any machine, the manufacturer says, including tool carriers such as skid steers, backhoes and track loaders.

loftness-cool-flow-updateTwin 11-inch-diameter fans, an aluminum brazed core and a peak flow of 45 gallons per minute push cooling to 120,000 BTUs per hour. Fan speed is controlled by a 12-volt system and an automatic thermostatically controlled on/off switch. This assures hydraulics remain at safe operating levels regardless of the load demand on the attachment or high operating temperatures, according to Loftness.

Unlike most auxiliary coolers that are mounted near the attachment, the company says, the Cool Flow can be installed to a cab roof where it is less susceptible to vibration, backpressure and debris. It can also be attached in a variety of configurations depending on the machine and attachment requirements.

The updated Cool Flow has a smaller profile that mitigates the chance of impacts, Loftness says, and is specially engineered to allow full hydraulic flow to the attachment in either direction, enabling operators to run the attachment in reverse when needed.

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