Little Beaver introduces UN-Towable drill for one-man digging projects

Little Beaver’s UN-Towable Drill is an economical and easily transportable solution for one-man hole digging projects. Photo: Little BeaverLittle Beaver’s UN-Towable Drill is an economical and easily transportable solution for one-man hole digging projects.
Photo: Little Beaver

Offering an easily transportable solution for one-man hole digging projects, the Little Beaver HYD-NTV11H UN-Towable Drill is ideal for landscaping, fence and sign installation, and parks and recreation departments.

Little Beaver offers the unit as a more economical option that does not sacrifice the efficiency, power and reliability of similar towable units, and the NTV11H drill is easy to transport and maintain.

The NTV11H is built with an 8.9 horsepower Honda GXV340 engine, which results in a 10 percent increased power advantage over competing models, according to Little Beaver.

It also offers an operating speed of 141 RPM and a hydraulic pressure of 2,500-psi.

The NTV11H is equipped with 16-inch semi-pneumatic tires that allow it to pivot into digging position without causing damage to delicate lawns and turf.

Being easy to maneuver, Little Beaver says, the drill can operate in places that are inaccessible to skid steers and tractors. For more convenience, Little Beaver added, the attached one-man handle enables drilling near buildings and other areas difficult to access.

The NTV11H also features lightweight construction and a removable power pack, which when removed reduces the overall weight by 50 percent and allows the machine to be transported in two parts.

The NTV11H can also be transported from jobsite to jobsite via the back of a pickup truck or SUV; its quick-disconnect fittings allow the operator to connect the power source to other hydraulic accessories, such as post drivers and hydraulic tampers. Additional transportation methods are available with the optional slide-in receiver hitch, and the E-Z load bracket is designed to fit in any 2-inch receiver.

The NTV11H offers operators a balanced and torque-free design, and the integrated forward and reverse auger rotation component protects the user if the auger is caught under a rock or tree root. A built-in pressure relief valve is also incorporated so when the drill reaches a certain hydraulic pressure, the valve releases and the auger stops.

Heavy-duty construction and an advanced hydraulic system also help reduce maintenance and eliminate repair hassles for the drills, which are constructed of steel with a powder-coated finish.

Three types of auger cutting tips are available for the NTV11H: standard, carbide and heavy-duty. The standard tip is typically used for drilling in ground conditions, such as sandy soils and softer clay. The carbide tip is useful for solid materials like hard clays and asphalt; both augers are offered in 1 ½-inch to 18-inch sizes. Ideal for harder soils mixed with gravel or small rocks, the heavy-duty tip is available in seven sizes ranging from 6 to 16 inches.

The units are compatible with any Little Beaver auger, and all three augers feature a convenient spring-loaded snap button that secures the auger to the drill head, eliminating the need for pins or bolts. Units can also accept adaptors that can be used to attach various competitive augers.

Little Beaver backs the NTV11H with a two-year warranty, and the engine is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

For more information on the NTV11H UN-Towable drill, click here.

Mechanical earth drills

Featuring a 360-RPM operating speed, Little Beaver’s line of mechanical earth drills allow access to areas unreachable by skid steer-mounted augers.

Each of the four available models feature an overhead valve gas engine; the MDL-5B and MDL-5H are available with either a Briggs & Stratton or Honda 5.5-horsepower engine, which are mounted on 8-inch semi-pneumatic tires.

Both the MDL-8B and the MDL-8H come mounted on 10-inch pneumatic tires and use either a Briggs & Stratton or Honda 8-horsepower engine. The unit offers a smaller footprint for easy access in any area, such as lawns, golf courses and other delicate surfaces without causing damage.

Each MDL drill features a steel torque tube, which allows operators the ability to use larger diameter augers without fear of kickback, and provides easier drilling, according to Little Beaver.

Two different styles of kits are offered to easily convert Little Beaver’s mechanical earth drills into a horizontal boring machine.Two different styles of kits are offered to easily convert Little Beaver’s mechanical earth drills into a horizontal boring machine.

All models feature a centrifugal clutch, which will automatically slip if a buried object is encountered or the auger is overloaded. This not only helps protect the operator from injury, but also keeps the drive cable and transmission gears from being damaged.

There are currently two style kits offered to convert the MDL drill into a horizontal boring machine: the sidewalk auger kit and the water drilling kit. The sidewalk auger kit, ideal for drilling up to four feet under a sidewalk, includes a 5-foot extension, a universal joint and a 5-foot auger. The water drilling kit includes a water swivel and achieves horizontal drilling distances up to 40 feet.

MDL drills feature a heavy-duty transmission that includes cooling fins for quick heat dissipation and improved longevity. All steel features are powder-coated.

MDL drills come with a universal auger, which offers the ability to easily change out tips. The hard-faced tip is standardly included and is typically used for lawn and garden dirt, as well as sandy loam-type soils.

For something that works well in rocky soils, the heavy-duty rock tip is also an option. For surfaces such as hard clay, asphalt and frozen ground, the optional carbide-blade tip is ideal. Snap-on augers are offered in 36- and 42-inch lengths with diameters ranging from 1.5 to 16 inches, and are easily changeable.

Snap-on auger extensions, in both full-flighted and tube configurations, are also available and beneficial for reaching further digging depths.

Additional options are available for each drill. While the 10-inch pneumatic wheels come standard on the MDL-8B and MDL-8H, they are also available for the MDL-5B and MDL-5H models. Steel roll cages, for engine protection, are also available for all models. Specially designed rick-sha carriers are available and feature 20-inch semi-pneumatic wheels, a transmission cradle and a pull handle.

Little Beaver backs each MDL drill with a one-year warranty; engines are covered with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

For more information on Little Beaver’s line of mechanical earth drills, click here.

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