Billy Goat releases new debris loader – the DL1301H

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Photo: Billy GoatPhoto: Billy Goat

Billy Goat has released the DL1301H 13 hp debris loader, which the company says has 2,000 cfm of commercial suction.

With a duel shredding 14.25-inch diameter armor plate impeller, this debris loader features a Piranha blade that Billy Goat says reduces debris up to 12:1, and the company says that it maximizes trailer loading across multiple properties before dumping to save time and dump fees.

Featuring CustomFit, the company says this allows users to customize the loader to a truck. The company adds that the unit can be mounted in multiple ways, including truck hitch mounted with the optional swing away hitch, skid mounted to a trailer or truck or tailgate mounted with optional hanger kit.

With a 14” x 10’ intake hose is a clear poly helical coil. The company says if a blockage occurs, it can be visually seen and removed. Billy Goat adds that a replaceable steel liner and 12-gauge housing are standard for long life and durability. The DL1301H is also powered by a 388 cc Honda engine.

The exhaust features a no tool, no thread 360-degree unique rotational exhaust that is hand adjustable, and the company says that the built-in rake holder secures the extra clean-up tools needed on the job.

A few other optional features are the flexible metallic hose kit that the company says extends forward discharge by 10 feet, a highway class trailer kit prewired for easy towing and storage and an exhaust kit to deflect debris for efficient loading.

Photo: Billy GoatPhoto: Billy Goat

Wheeled blowers

Billy Goat says that the 10 gross hp F1002V force blower combines fan technology and operator ergonomics with best in class engine technology for the ultimate in blowing power and reliability.

Featuring a 16-blade advanced fan technology with light weight composite housing, the F1002 has Patented Aim N Shoot, which the company says allows operators to direct the air discharged from the operator station and concentrates the air stream for the strongest blowing force in the market.

Powered by Vanguard with the Transport-Guard system, the company says the engine is protected from oil/fuel dilution during transport with a single fuel/engine on and off switch. This, the company says, prevents common items such as fuel and oil from mixing in the crankcase, hydraulic lock and difficult starts, fouled spark plugs and premature engine wear and costly downtime during transport.

Leaf and debris vac

Photo: Billy GoatPhoto: Billy Goat

With a 29” gobbler door that the company says adjusts from the operator’s position for convenient switching between hard surface, hose or turf applications, the multi-use commercial MV series has a top loading 40-gallon bag that Billy Goat says can hold up to 50 pounds of debris.

The company says that this unique top fill design ensures optimum fill and helps keep dust out of the operator’s face.

The company adds that the composite housing components are abrasion resistant and will not dent or rust. Billy Goat says the micro adjustable crank-style height control makes for simple transition between turf and hard surfaces, and a commercial duty self-propelled model is available with three-speed transmission.

An optional hose kit and disposable bag liners, the company says, eliminate debris bagging.

Billy Goat says that the 27-inch wide KV series vac offers variable height adjust for turf or hard surface work, and the 12-inch tires on the push unit and rear wheel drive on the self-propelled unit make operation simple even in hilly turf areas, according to the company.

A dust skirt keeps dust down and away from the operator, according to Billy Goat, and a zipperless bag makes for ease of unloading. Options also include a shredder screen for additional reduction of dry leaves, an optional felt bag for more dust control and an optional hose kit with telescoping handle.

Hydro-drive sod cutter

The next generation of Billy Goat’s hydro-drive sod cutter (SC181H) now features a laser clad cutting blade, which the company says provides a hardened leading edge and offers three times longer blade life.

Photo: Billy GoatPhoto: Billy Goat

Uniquely coated with proprietary powder material, Billy Goat says when tested in harsh sandy conditions, the blades showed 0.04 grams of edge loss over 180 hours of use compared to the same loss on other blades at only 60 hours of use.

Billy Goat says that by retaining sharp blade edges longer, operators save blade replacement downtime and enjoy a cleaner cut, easier handling and effortless advancement.

Built upon the most rugged frame in the industry, the company says the product features a heavy-duty gear box and cutting system with oversized sealed bearings, a one-inch stability bar and tight shaft mounted eccentrics. All of these, the company says, are designed to perform in the industry’s most rugged conditions.

Also featuring the variable speed fingertip control in both forward and reverse, Billy Goat says it offers consistent feel, simple operation and reliability in any cutting conditions.

The company says the SC181H offers the easiest to use “Set and Forget” blade depth adjustment where users can adjust depth to 2.5 inches with a single lever from the operator station.

Standard on this unit, according to the company, is a rear castor wheel for curved cuts that locks when straight cutting. The company says that handle isolation mounts absorb vibration and offer smooth, fatigue-free operation, and unique drive wheels clear mud and improve grip for added control.

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