News roundup: Caterpillar extends full-machine warranty for compact equipment

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Updated Jan 5, 2018
Photo: CaterpillarPhoto: Caterpillar

For skid steer loaders, multi-terrain loaders, mini excavators and compact track loaders sold in the United States and Canada, Caterpillar says it has extended its machine standard warranty to 24 months or 2,000 hours.

The new enhanced warranty terms apply to new machine purchases starting Jan. 1, 2018.

“Our mission is to help customers succeed,” said Korey Coon, Caterpillar BCP product general manager. “We design and build Cat compact machines to be productive, reliable and durable, and Cat dealers offer unmatched service capabilities. The enhanced warranty builds our support of customers’ businesses even further.”

The company says the enhanced standard warranty also gives customers peace of mind by helping protect their budgets from unforeseen expenses created by repair costs and/or downtime.

John Deere expands lineup of Worksite Pro attachments

John Deere has expanded its lineup of Worksite Pro attachments by introducing its new roll-out bucket offerings.

Photo: John DeerePhoto: John Deere

Designed to best match the attachment to the machine, John Deere says the RB72, RB84 and RB96 models provide an additional 34 inches of dump reach when fully extended. The company adds that these models are optimized for G-Series Compact Track Loaders and K-Series Compact Wheel Loaders (RB84 and RB96 only).

“From loading tall Total Mixed Ration mixers in ag applications or elevated truck beds, our new roll-out buckets allow customers to lift higher and get more done in a workday,” said Jessica Hill, program manager, global attachments at John Deere. “Our unique hydraulic design is ideal for customers loading light materials when a machine’s lift height is limited.”

The company says the buckets utilize the compact wheel loader or compact track loader’s auxiliary hydraulics to roll out and dump material to achieve a significantly higher dump height.

John Deere says the roll-out bucket pivots near its cutting edge for additional dump height rather than requiring the machine hinge pin to be raised higher than the hopper for dumping.

With 114 degrees of roll-out, John Deere says this provides excellent material spillage control. The company says the buckets incorporate high-strength, large-diameter pivot pins for added durability.

John Deere adds that the universal, self-cleaning Quik-Tatch easy-attachment system allows operators to switch from one type of attachment to another within seconds.

There are three bucket widths available: the 72-inch (1,829 mm) RB72, 84-inch (2,134 mm) RB84 and 96-inch (2,489 mm) RB96.

President of LaurelRock volunteers for 5th year in NALP’s Trailblazer Program

Burt DeMarche, president of LaurelRock, had the opportunity to participate in the National Association of Landscape Professionals’ (NALP) Trailblazer Program in 2017.

Photo: LaurelRockPhoto: LaurelRock

During this program, LaurelRock says DeMarche had the chance to provide on-site mentoring at the LaurelRock offices to NALP members Jeff and Nikki Nute of Stone Creations Landscaping in Loretto, Minnesota.

The company says that Trailblazer mentors are an elite group of landscape industry leaders who were nominated by their peers for making significant, long-term contributions to the industry.

All Trailblazers, LaurelRock says, are NALP members and have a minimum of 10 years in the industry, and these Trailblazers are vetted through a review process performed by the Education Agency Council.

While attending the Trailblazer program, LaurelRock says company owners are able to take a deep dive into their business, learning about strategic planning, succession planning and people planning. Attendees, according to LaurelRock, even undergo a thorough SWOT analysis with their Trailblazer.

“It is an honor to have the opportunity to share knowledge and help other industry professionals, who are both emerging and established, achieve success,” said DeMarche. “This in-depth, personalized mentoring program is a unique and rewarding way to meet other landscape professionals and give back to the green industry.”

Valley Industries acquire Comet USA

Valley Industries recently completed its acquisition of Comet USA, a Minnesota-based company located in Burnsville that distributes a wide range of industrial high-pressure plunger pumps and accessories.Valley Industries

Valley Industries says the purchase will diversify the company’s product lineup and will complement their current Comet Diaphragm Pump Division.

“In the last six years, Valley and Comet USA shared the same infrastructure and management,” said Jeff Savage, Valley Industries’ general manager. “This acquisition will maintain that, but will allow us to further align our core business functions.”

Comet USA will now be known as Comet Industrial Pump Division, and this second acquisition for Valley Industries marks the second in the last year. Earlier in 2017, Valley Industries purchased At Mist Sprayers, a Nebraska-based company specializing in mist sprayers.

Eleven new All-America Selections (AAS) winners named

This group of 2018 AAS winners are:

  • Canna South Pacific Orange F1 (National): This flower was named a 2018 AAS Flower Winner, and it is compact and does well in containers and in landscape use. It’s vigorous and, compared to other cannas, has more basal branching. With a bright and eye-catching orange coloring bloom, it contrasts well with its bright green leaves.
  • Cuphea FloriGlory Diana (National): This plant was named a 2018 AAS Ornamental Vegetative Winner, and it is commonly known as Mexican Heather. This plant is great for borders, containers and mass plantings. Boasting a dark magenta flower, the darker green of the foliage complements the flowers and makes a statement.
  • Gypsophila Gypsy White Improved (National): This flower was named a 2018 AAS Flower Winner. With semi-double flowers that are a bit larger in size, the extra flowers it produces result in a fluffy white mound. It does well in containers, garden beds and smaller spaces, and it has a longer bloom season and better heat tolerance than the Gypsy Compact White.
  • Marigold Super Hero Spry  (National): This flower was named a 2018 AAS Flower Winner, and it is a compact plant that reaches about 10-12 inches. With its dark maroon lower petals and gold yellow upper petals, it contrasts well with the darker green of the foliage, and it provides an excellent pop of color.
  • Pak Choi Asian Delight F1 (National): This plant was named a 2018 AAS Edible Vegetable Winner, and it is a type of Chinese Cabbage. It forms a small to mid-sized head that boasts a tasty white rib and darker green, textured leaves.
  • Pepper cayenne Red Ember F1 (National): This plant was named a 2018 AAS Edible Vegetable Winner, and it has proven that it can mature faster than the comparison varieties. For those with gardens in climates with shorter growing season, this early maturity can come in handy. The plant produces many rounded end peppers, and was said to taste spicy and tastier than traditional cayenne.
  • Pepper habanero Roulette F1 (National): This plant was named a 2018 AAS Edible Vegetable Winner, and resembles a traditional habanero in every way except that there is no heat. Each plant typically produces 10-11 large peppers, which can add up greatly during a season.
  • Pepper Hungarian Mexican Sunset F1 (Regional): This plant was named a 2018 AAS Edible Vegetable Winner and gives off a vibrant array of colors, ranging from yellow and lime green to orange and red as it matures. They are semi-hot, early producers, and they can be used in ornamental purposes as well as food preparation.
  • Tomato Chef’s Choice Red F1  (Regional): This plant was named a 2018 AAS Edible Vegetable Winner, and it is the fifth addition to the popular Chef’s Choice tomato series. These tomatoes are said to have firm flesh and the right balance of acid and sugar. Their vines can grow to approximately 5 feet, and it’s estimated that about 30 tomatoes can be harvested throughout the season.
  • Tomato Valentine F1 (National): This plant was named a 2018 AAS Edible Vegetable Winner. With its deep-red color and very sweet taste, it’s said that this tomato can hold longer on the vine without cracking or losing its eating quality. It will mature early than comparison tomatoes, and the vines should be staked for best results.   
  • Zinnia Queeny Lime Orange (National): This flower was named a 2018 AAS Flower Winner and it is easy to grow, according to AAS. With its large and uniquely-colored blooms that evolve from dark coral/peach/orange to a light peach with a dark center, this flower was a fan favorite at AAS.
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