Industry roundup: JMA donates over 120 potting parties

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Updated Jul 12, 2018
Photo: James Martin Associates (JMA)Photo: James Martin Associates (JMA)

James Martin Associates (JMA) says that over the past 15 years, it has donated over 120 potting parties to local charities.

These parties, the company says, support nonprofits by allowing the organizations to offer them as auction items at fundraisers. JMA says they are valued at $600 each.

JMA says the potting party winners and 10 guests of their choice are able to enjoy a complimentary picnic lunch and a guided tour of the grounds around JMA. The company says a landscape professional leads the tour as well as answers the guests’ landscaping questions.

The tour is followed by a hands-on potting demonstration. This active approach, JMA says, allows the guests to learn proper potting techniques as well as new tricks they can use at home in their own gardens.

JMA says after adding nutrient-rich soil to the pots, the guests use the transplanting skills they learned to place the plants in their containers. The guests are able to take the plants home with them after the party is completed.

Photo: James Martin Associates (JMA)Photo: James Martin Associates (JMA)

The company says that organizations such as the Winnetka Historical Society, American Cancer Society and Maryville Crisis Nursery have used potting parties to raise funds for their programs.

“The funds from this year’s auction will be used for the restoration of our c.1837 Schmidt-Burnham Log House,” said Tane Beecham, executive director of the Winnetka Historical Society. “We are excited to complete some much-needed structural repairs.”

The Log House offers tours guided by costumed docents who illustrate what life was like in the community 180 years ago.

“We’re glad to be able to give back to the community by using the knowledge and expertise of our in-house landscape professionals,” said Jim Martin, president of James Martin Associates. “We get to provide an afternoon of fun and learning for the auction winners and their guests while also supporting important local causes.”

Pro-Tech unveils fusion edge sno pusher

Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution, Inc. recently unveiled the fusion edge sno pusher, a new containment snow plow that features a combination steel and rubber cutting edge.

Photo: Pro-TechPhoto: Pro-Tech

The company says the sno pusher is designed to give customers a containment plow that provides improved surface outcome, durability and ease of use. The main highlights, according to Pro-Tech, focus around three main components: the fusion edge, pro float coupler and fast attack shoes.

Pro-Tech says the fusion edge is an industry-first for containment snow plows, coming in 24” sections that consist of abrasion resistant steel embedded directly into a rubber cutting edge. Both the steel and rubber compounds were designed specifically for use with a snow plow and are exclusive to Pro-Tech, the company said.

The fusion edge sno pusher, the company says, allows customers to both squeegee wet, heavy snow (rubber) and scrape pesky hard-packed snow (steel). The company says steel is fused into both sides of the edge, meaning that when one side is worn, customers simply flip the edge and continue to plow.

Pro-Tech says the fusion edge is built for longevity and averages between 350-500 hours of heavy use before needing to be replaced. The company adds that the pro-float coupler floats vertically, horizontally and oscillates, which Pro-Tech says allows the edge to contour to surface irregularities and variations.

The fast attack shoe, the company says, is designed to help improve plow performance and decrease maintenance, and the shoes can be worn in tandem with the fusion edge.

Pro-Tech says the fast attack shoes are also modeled after the company’s self-leveling shoes, which are designed to help operators maintain a level plowing position.

“The product development of the fusion was rigorous and included a tremendous amount of customer feedback and testing,” says Pro-Tech president Michael Guggino.  “The majority of plowing professionals we spoke with said they want improved surface outcome, durability and ease of use. We strongly feel that the fusion edge sno pusher is the perfect balance of what these businesses want from a containment plow.”

Fox introduces new VersaPlow skid-steer mounted plows

Photo: FoxPhoto: Fox

Fox says its new VersaPlow combines the functions of a box-style containment pusher, a backdrag containment box and a conventional snowplow into a single unit that mounts to a skid-steer or compact loader.

Designed for retail parking lots, apartments, industrial areas and municipal campuses, Fox says its VersaPlow is available in 8-foot and 10-foot blade widths with a steel trip-edge or urethane resilient-edge.

Fox says the VersaPlow’s advanced hydraulic controls allow operators to change the configuration of the machine without the need to mount or re-mount equipment. The company says the unit is available with a 14-pin CANbus adapter for late model Bobcat machines or a universal single-button diverter control and harness.

Fox adds that the VersaPlow comes in floating or standard mount configurations.

United Turf Alliance introduces three new ArmorTech products

United Turf Alliance (UTA) recently introduced the launch of three new product additions to its ArmorTech portfolio. ArmorTech says the Tetra, Gold Standard 45 and Zoxy-PG are the result of significant effort and represent UTA’s ongoing dedication to a customer-focused portfolio.

Photo: ArmorTechPhoto: ArmorTech

The Gold Standard 45, ArmorTech says, is a comprehensive plant health tool that utilizes game-changing technology to deliver rapid, efficient plant uptake and utilization. Whether used alone or as part of a spray program, ArmorTech says the use of Gold Standard 45 will promote stronger, healthier turfgrass plants better able to withstand the rigors of intense maintenance and weather.

The company says the Tetra is a premium herbicide containing 2,4-D Fluroxypyr, Triclopyr and Flumioxazin for fast, selective weed control in ornamental lawns and turfgrasses.

The Zoxy-PG, ArmorTech says, is a granular fungicide combining 0.31 percent Azoxystrobin and 0.75 percent Propiconazole. The company says the broad-spectrum fungicide utilizes both root and leaf uptake to deliver preventative and curative control up to 28 days. The company adds that Zoxy-PG targets foliar, stem and root diseases such as leaf and stem blights, leaf spots, patch diseases, anthracnose, fairy rings, mildews, molds and rusts of turfgrass.

“Introducing one new product is a task these days,” said George Furrer, CEO of United Turf Alliance. “The launch of three products simultaneously confirms our owners’ ongoing commitment to be the supplier of choice to professional turfgrass managers. In a time of unprecedented global supply volatility, we have two choices: stay on the sideline or invest for the future. We choose the latter.”

All-American Selections releases annual report

All-American Selections logoRecently, All-American Selections (AAS) released the 2017-2018 annual report, which reflects the group’s activities from the past 12-18 months.

AAS says that for the past eight years, it has prepared a yearly statement of organizational updates including those of its sister organization the National Garden Bureau.

This annual report, AAS says, is designed to bring new awareness to the organization’s activities and progress, and a few key points in this year’s report are:

  • The new ambassador programs implemented, both inside and outside the industry
  • The continuing financial health of the organization
  • Details of the newest AAS winners
  • Social media successes and how the industry can benefit
  • Update on sister organizations, National Garden Bureau

National Garden Bureau announces “Year of the” 2019 program classes 

The National Garden Bureau recently announced the four plant classes that will be featured in the 2019 “Year of the” program.National Garden Bureau announces “Year of the” 2019 program classes National Garden Bureau's “Year of the” 2019 program classes

  • For the bulb crop, 2019 will be the Year of the Dahlia.
  • For annuals, 2019 will be the Year of the Snapdragon.
  • For edibles, 2019 will be the Year of the Pumpkin.
  • For perennials, 2019 will be the Year of the Salvia (nemorosa and others).

The National Garden Bureau says the “Year of the” program chooses crops specifically for the North American market that are easy to grow, genetically diverse and have a lot of new breeding to showcase. Breeders, brokers, seed companies, growers and garden centers throughout the U.S. and Canada are urged to highlight these flowers and plants when planning their marketing for the 2019 season as the publicity generated from this program is substantial.

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