Lawn Love extends services to include snow removal and Christmas light installation

Updated Dec 18, 2018
Photo: PxherePhoto: Pxhere

Although Lawn Love has only been around since 2014, this hasn’t stopped them from completing over 400,000 jobs in more than 120 different markets.

The company plans to continue to grow in markets across the U.S. over the next couple of years as the number of professional lawn care providers sign up to use the service increases or if there is significant customer demand in a particular region.

“Where we see that inbound demand either on the pro side or the customer side that usually is a strong signal for us to launch,” says Jeremy Yamaguchi, CEO of Lawn Love. “It’s likely that we will be in 150+ (markets) by next year.”

Lawn Love is a company that connects professional landscapers with customers seeking their services through its website and app but dislikes being lumped with the other ‘Uber of lawn care’ apps out there.

Photo: Lawn LovePhoto: Lawn Love

“I think Uber and a lot of its derivatives have been rightly panned for how they’ve approached scaling and really just growing their businesses,” Yamaguchi says. “Rather than building a consumer brand and forcing everyone to get in line or destroying your legacy companies, we believe that the fundamental customer experience is predicated on the quality of our lawn pros and them being happy, well-operated businesses. At the end of the day having great pros is what drives happy customers and focusing on them first I think is the winning approach.”

Yamaguchi says it is different in a number of ways including its quote estimating technology and their higher standard of which lawn care professionals are allowed to claim jobs.

Close to 3,000 lawn care professionals currently use Lawn Love’s software.

“We have a lot of folks just coming inbound for us,” Yamaguchi says. “I think Lawn Love has become a large enough brand in the industry that many lawn care pros at this point have heard of us and are trying the service. When you break out the value for the lawn care pros it’s really compelling and really interesting for them and I think that’s a big part of what driving the inbound demand.”

Aside from offering customers mowing services, Lawn Love also allows customers to find landscapers for other needs like lawn aeration and weed control. Building on that concept of being a one-stop shop for customers, Lawn Love is now expanding to offer snow removal and Christmas lighting services as well.

“I think it’s just the national seasonal complement for lawn services in so many of our northern markets,” Yamaguchi says. “We had ton of our lawn care pros and customers in these northern geos really just banging down the door asking for it. Given that that’s firmly in the wheelhouse and all of our existing providers in these areas were already capable and asking to do the service we decided to roll it out and we’re testing it this year.”

Both the snow removal and Christmas light installation services use the Lawn Love’s advanced pricing system that maps a property and uses an algorithm to determine an estimate for the customer.

“We will generate a structured blueprint of each of our customer’s yards, so we measure front, side and back lawn areas, driveway length, sidewalks, roof perimeter and then once we have all of that structured data around the property, we can generate a snow removal estimate as easily as we can generate a lawn care quote,” Yamaguchi says. “It’s mostly a function of what region they’re in, the expected snowfall and then also the size of the driveway and sidewalk.”

Customers can select to have their snow removal as a recurring service or they can sign up for a one-time plowing, but Yamaguchi says getting a one-time plowing depends on having an available professional who can do the job that day.

As of right now, snow removal services are available in all of Lawn Love’s markets and the Christmas light installation service is launching first in Houston, Atlanta, St. Louis, San Antonio and Nashville.

“We’re excited to give our contractors the opportunity to earn throughout the entire year,” Yamaguchi says.

Aside from growing into new markets, Yamaguchi says Lawn Love plans to focus on increasing its density in the regions it is currently in.

Yamaguchi says that while Lawn Love’s professional users are often talented industry experts, they’re not the best when it comes to marketing or integrating new software.

“We bring them a huge pipeline of customers and they’re spending less time hanging door hangers and they just pick up whatever jobs they want, do the work, get paid and then we give away a ton of software to help them better operate their businesses,” he says.

Part of this suite of software includes customer relations software that helps with rescheduling and payments. This additional software Lawn Love offers is another aspect Yamaguchi says they plan to invest heavily in next year.

“This is things like advanced job routing and clustering algorithms,” he says. “We’re helping them build routes that are two to three times as dense as what they currently see so they’re spending way less time driving around town getting from job to job burning fuel or sitting in the truck idle.”

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