Outdoor power equipment banned in California in 2024? What states are next?

Updated Aug 25, 2022
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Gasoline-powered outdoor power equipment that landscapers use every day -- lawn mowers, leaf blowers, weed trimmers, chainsaws, and power washers -- will be banned from sale in California starting in 2024. Only battery/electric outdoor power equipment will be available for sale in mid-2024. This changes everything for a landscaper in California. And what states are next?

More than 100 cities and towns across the country already are outlawing (or seeking to outlaw) gas-powered machines. And the pressure is building for other local governments to do the same.

This shift in the market will fundamentally change the way landscape businesses operate, from the machines on the trailer, to how shops are set up, to new training for staff their crews and getting power to job sites. 

Become part of the solution

If you are planning to attend Equip Exposition (held October 18 to 21 in Louisville, Kentucky), there is a panel dedicated to this very issue.

Equip Exposition is encouraging all landscape business owners and equipment dealers to attend the free panel, “The California Equation,” at the show to learn how businesses and organizations are adapting to these changing regulations in California, and how trends in the Golden State are impacting the business across the country. 

Here are all the details.

The California Equation session:

Cost: FREE 

Who can attend: Open to all registered show attendees 

When: Thursday, October 20 from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m in room C-201 

Moderator: Chuck Bowen, Vice President, Communications and Member Relations, OPEI.


Pete Dufau, President, Dufau Landscape

Sandra Giarde, Executive Director, California Landscape Contractors Association

Brian Helgoe, Founder and CEO, Monarch Landscape Companies

Greg Knott, Vice President, Standards and Regulatory Affairs, OPEI

Evan Moffitt, Business Development Manager, SiteOne Landscape Supply

Jack York, Director of Product Line Development, Ewing

More details on our Equip Expo session can be found here: https://www.equipexposition.com/equip-magazine/the-california-equation

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