Best Home Garden in the World?

Britain GardenAs I’m sure you will all agree, maintaining gardens is a full-time job. And one British man takes this literally.

Stuart Grindle, 70, spends 30 hours a week to keep this former vegetable plot in its current picture-perfect state, according to the U.K.’s Associated Newspapers.

Grindle has been mowing his yard six times a week for the past 30 years to keep the grass at 5 millimeters. His hard work is definitely apparent as you look at photos from the home in Rotherham, Yorkshire.

“It is my pride and joy, most people probably only get out the lawnmower once a week but I cut my lawn twice-a-day, three days a week,” Grindle tells the publication.

I love a well-maintained yard just as much as the next person, but this might be taking it a bit too far for me.


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