Don’t Take Easy Way Out In Crime Prevention

Every landscaper knows investing in proper equipment is a costly adventure. So, why would you chance it all on improper safety measures?

We have written a few articles on how to protect landscaping equipment, but every day I find new reports of more and more expensive equipment disappearing.

Most recently, $2,000 worth of landscaping equipment was taken from a Buffalo, New York jobsite.

According to The Buffalo News, the Youngstown landscaper was working on a jobsite when someone cut a security cable and stole a variety of items including, two weed trimmers, two hedge trimmers and a blower.

With a struggling economy and businesses surviving instead of thriving, now is not the time to lose five pieces of equipment. Five pieces of equipment could mean shutting down your business for a week or even longer for some companies.

Taking the proper steps in securing your equipment is vital to your business and future.

  • Make sure to keep all records of every piece of equipment purchased or rented.
  • Use locks, alarms, security cameras whenever possible, and make sure the locks are durable enough to deter thieves.
  • Try not to keep expensive equipment out in the open. If you have an open trailer, try to cover the equipment with tarps or blankets.
  • Try to remind crews to keep the truck or trailer in view of the jobsite. If the jobsite is large or behind buildings, try to have someone from the crew check on the vehicle every once in a while. Making a presence can make a big difference to thieves.
  • Use common sense. Accidents do happen, but taking proper safety precautions can deter most accidents from happening at all. 
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