Let’s Celebrate!

shutterstock_172755350Landscaping professionals, it’s time to celebrate.

April has kicked off several celebrations, including National Lawn Care Month and National Safe Digging Month.

With spring rolling in slowly but surely across every region in the country, landscapers have a reason to get excited.

For the month of April, share this excitement with your fellow coworkers and employees.

Let the month of April be a celebration every day in the office, because this cannot only boost employees’ spirits but also increase productivity.

1. Festive Fridays. Cater lunch on Fridays in the office through the month of April to get employees excited about the spring season. Many employees look forward to Fridays, but have them look forward to a celebratory lunch instead of just the end of a work week.

2. Lawn Care Tips. Hold weekly meetings all about lawn care. Have employees bring unique, interesting and helpful tips about lawn care. You could even create an award for the best tip.

3. Signage. Put up posters, banners or informational signs all around your office to keep lawn care on the top of employees’ minds. National Lawn Care Month and National Safe Digging Month are about celebrating the industry, but they are also about bringing awareness to others. By providing useful information, employees will be thinking about safety tips and best practices throughout the day, every day.

4. Take off. Don’t laugh this item off the list. We know landscapers are busy, but spontaneously give workers a half day. One day during the month send employees home early. Sometimes, the best way to celebrate is having a little extra free time.

5. Weekend Cookout. Bring families, friends, clients and coworkers together with a large company cookout to celebrate National Lawn Care Month. Bring a community together to get excited about the landscaping industry.

6. Keep Celebrating. Don’t let April be the only month your company celebrates the landscaping industry. It’s important for employees to feel a part of something bigger, and having them get excited every day about working can really make a business boom. There are small but useful ways to keep celebrating and loving the landscaping industry. 

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