Bobcat UTVs Feature PTO Attachments

Updated Jul 14, 2013


Bobcat has introduced two utility vehicles that each feature interchangeable, front-mounted PTO attachments.

Co-developed by Bobcat and Polaris, the 3600 and 3650 UTVs feature Yanmar diesel engines, as well as a hydrostatic-drive system.

Rob Gilles, marketing manager for landscaping with Bobcat, says implementing a hydrostatic-drive system was key in creating a durable machine.

“It’s a little bit more complicated as far as serviceability goes, but it’s more durable than a CVT system,” Gilles says. “You’ll see that when you’re climbing hills. If you try to do it in high range, you’re going to notice that your speed is going to drop drastically, but you’re going to notice that the RPM of the engine isn’t going to lug. That way, you maintain you torque throughout your full spectrum of your acceleration.”

Rob Gilles, marketing manager for landscaping with Bobcat, introduces the new 3650.Rob Gilles, marketing manager for landscaping with Bobcat, introduces the new 3650.

Based on the flow of oil, a hydrostatic drive system pumps fluid through the motors of the vehicle to turn the tires building up RPM to power the oil through the system.

“Once the oil is through your system, that’s what makes the vehicle go,” Gilles says. “As you stop the flow of oil, the machine ceases to move at the same time. The goal of a hydrostatic is to be more maintenance-free.”

Each vehicle features good low-end torque because of the hydrostatic system optimizing the power to run each attachment.

A two-speed motor allows each user to have power management that will produce high-end torque at low and maximum speeds.

Depending on the model and the options that are available, the 3600 or 3650 utility vehicles will be set at a price point between $15,000 and $25,000.

Photo 46Performance

Each vehicle uses rear De Dion suspension that will have adjustable shocks, and the axle will move independently of the suspension.

With a 30-mph top-end speed, the vehicles will also include a true all-wheel-drive system.

“On the 3650s, the one big performance thing that we were able to do is separate engine RPM from speed,” Gilles says. “You do have a hand throttle where you can set it at maximum speed before you even start to move the machine. Once you put it into high or low, you’ll be able to command the speed in the RPM curve.”


The 3600 offers two attachments specifically designed for snow removal including a snow blade, as well as a sprayer.

However, because of the M.A.X. (Multi-Attachment X-Change), the 3650 can offer more attachments including those with the 3600 plus PTO attachments: snowblower, mower, angle broom and non-PTO attachments snowblade, pallet fork and bucket.

Each attachment can be raised to a height of 2 feet and lift a capacity of 500 pounds.Photo 34

“We wanted to have integrated powered attachments, which means the machine runs them instead of each attachment having an independent motor,” Gilles says. “We had to open up the attachment exchange system itself in order to get PTO drive to it.”

Each attachment uses a pin box system where the user will have to step out of the cab and remove a pin from each side of the attachment.


Each cab coming from the factory will come standard with cab heat and air.

“It’s growing in the industry, and it’s becoming a norm that people want it,” Gilles says.

To help with reducing downtime, the cab is completely modular, meaning each piece can easily be removed without tools in about 30 minutes.

“We did some customer research, and we found the average HOWA (homeowner with acreage), which is who we’re focusing on with the 3600 and the 3650, is in that 62- to 75-year-old range, so we wanted to make this really accessible to someone that might not be as mobile.”

The cabs also feature a travel pedal where a user’s toess move the cab forward and a user’s heal to move it into reverse.

[youtube egO-AEpgUuY nolink]

To view videos of the working utility vehicles, visit Total Landscape Care’s YouTube Channel.



Bobcat 3600 Utility Vehicle Bobcat 3650 Utility Vehicle
Transmission: Hydrostatic Transmission: Hydrostatic, PTO engagement
Drive system: 4×4 and AWD Drive system: 4×4 and AWD
Horsepower: 24.8 hp diesel Horsepower: 24.8 hp diesel
Integrated attachment: Bobcat snow blade Front-mounted attachments: Bobcat bucket, pallet fork and push broom, mower, angle broom, snowblower, snow blade
Accessories: Spreader, sprayer Front-mounted PTO attachments:Snowblower, mower and angle broom
Total vehicle operating capacity: 2,215 lb. Accessories: Spreader, sprayer
Vehicle towing capacity: 2,200 lbs. Total vehicle operating capacity: 2,215 lb.*
Cargo box load capacity: 1250 lbs. Lift height: 2 ft.
Maximum travel speed: 30 mph Lift capacity: 500 lbs.
Operating weight: 1955 lbs. (without cab) Vehicle towing capacity: 2000 lbs.
  Cargo box load capacity: 1250 lbs.
  Maximum travel speed: 30 mph
  Operating weight: 2215 lbs. (without cab)

*The total vehicle operating capacity is the combined weight of passengers, cargo box load and gross trailer weight.

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