Products To Help Fight Frigid Snow Season

Updated Aug 21, 2013

Are you ready for this snow season? Get prepared and fight cold winter projects with these plows, blowers and spreaders.

Plow BladesSmooth plowing

FallLine’s polyurethane snowplow cutting edges are engineered for abrasion resistance and are available for most makes and models of snowplows. These edges are safe on pavers and textured surfaces, do not leave rust marks and minimize surface damage.


Steel DXTDodge obstacles

Featuring a dual-trip design, The Boss Snowplow’s 8-foot 2-inch and 9-foot 2-inch poly, steel and stainless steel DXT plows feature a dual-trip design. The base angle trips independently, and the full moldboard trip protects against taller obstructions (6 inches or more). The DXT plows also include a flare-wing design, a fully enclosed hydraulic system and wear-resistant curb guards and snow catcher.



HinikerScoop snow

The Hiniker scoop plow can handle parking lots and other wide-area applications. With the blade ends at a fixed-forward angle of 20 degrees, the plow has a high snow-carrying capacity, while still maintaining a full windrowing capability when fully angled.


BRUTUS HDPTO Angle Broom_StudioSnow trio

Equipped with a 24-horsepower diesel engine with hydrostatic transmission, the Polaris Brutus HDPTO delivers front-end power takeoff (PTO). It comes ready to operate three optional attachments, including a hydraulically controlled 69-inch snow blade, 70-inch angle broom and two-stage snow blower with a 62-inch cutting width. The fully enclosed cab featuring heat, defrost and air conditioning.


Agri-CoverNo controls

The self-adjusting Snowsport utility plow from Agri-Cover does not require controls in the cab. The low profile of the plow allows use of the vehicle’s headlights while transporting or plowing. The Snowsport fits most late-model pickups and sport utility vehicles. The motion-activated design allows the blade to be pushed forward by the momentum of the vehicle.


BD Power Plow skidsteerSteer snow

Blizzard’s Power Plow, Speedwing and HD Series snowplows include a universal mounting plate for skid steer applications. All seven models use the skid steer’s standard auxiliary hydraulics to provide angling power.



Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution released its steel-edge Sno Pusher IST model with upgrades that include front pivoting wear shoes, a 2-foot cutting edge sections, 6-inch cutting edge, side plate profile and poly suspension. The poly suspension, added to each wear shoe, dampens impact to the wear shoes, chassis and prime mover.


Fisher FE XV2 Windrow ActionExtend reach

With flared wings and trip edge design, Fisher Engineering’s XV2 includes a center hinge with three connection points and a 1 1/4-inch diameter heat-treated center pin. Stainless steel blades come in 7-foot 6-inch, 8-foot 6-inch and 9-foot and 6-inch widths – while the two widest blades are also available in 14-gauge steel with Fisher’s powder-coat finish.


Loftness_snow_blowerPower range

For a variety of skid steer and tractor models, Loftness’s line of snow blowers are available for a range of flow rates starting at 15 gpm. Seven models are available in 72- and 84-inch widths, and they all come with a universal coupler, single-motor design and electric spout rotator. Other standard features include adjustable skid shoes, reinforced body braces and shear bolt protection.


Winter LandscapeThrow snow

Available in four models with cutting widths ranging from 50 to 72 inches, the Kioti front mount snowblower has quick hitch, front mount to a sub-frame and operates on a mid-PTO drive. The loader joystick controls its lift, lowering and chute rotation operations. Each snowblower operates on PTO horsepower ranging from 15 to 40 horsepower, has four blades and includes an auger diameter ranging from 14 to 15 inches.


BuyersProductsCombo spreader

The SaltDogg tailgate salt spreader from Buyers Products combines the construction of auger-drive V-box spreaders with simple tailgate mounting. The 8-cubic-foot capacity spreader features a 2-inch receiver hitch mounting with vertical and horizontal adjustment that does not require truck bed rail drilling for 1/2- and 3/4-ton trucks. The optional vibrator enables contractors to spread salt-sand mixtures.


WesternAuto angles

Available for trucks and skid steer applications, the Western Prodigy snowplow features a mechanical wing design that automatically positions its wings. As the blade angles left or right for windrowing, the coil compression springs, and the cable assembly pulls the trailing wing back until it aligns with the moldboard – while the leading wing remains angled.


GrasshopperMowing to snow throwing

Clear snow from driveways, sidewalks and congested areas with the Grasshopper DriftBuster snowthrower. The machine has a 180-
degree-rotating discharge spout that throws snow 30 feet. With the QuikConverter implement system, any Grasshopper FrontMount zero-turn mower can be transformed into a snowthrower without tools.


SnowExMelt away

SnowEx’s two tractor-mounted Drop Pro spreaders for controlled application of bagged ice melters and bulk rock salt are designed for sidewalks, campus parking lots, parking structures and other off-road applications. Model SD-600 has a 6-cubic-foot capacity with a 36-inch spread width, and model SD-1400 has a 14-cubic-foot capacity with a 48-inch spread width.


AriensCompact power

Clear 21-inch widths with the Ariens Company Path-Pro single-stage snowthrower, which comes with an Ariens AX engine in 136cc or 208cc displacement options. A chute rotation option allows the operator to direct snow left or right while in use, and it throws snow 35 feet.


FFC V-BladeSwitch positions

The FFC V-blade manufactured by Paladin Attachments attaches to skid steers and compact wheel loaders up to operating weights of 13,200 pounds. The FFC V-Blade adjusts to achieve straight, left/right, scoop or V-positions. It comes in blade widths ranging from 60 to 120 inches and is available with a hydraulic sequencing valve or electro-hydraulic system.

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