Pro Comp kit gives lift to 2015 Ford F-150s

2015 F-150s get improved ground clearance with Pro Comp lift kit

Running taller tires under their pickup is a common upgrade for landscapers. Taller tires create more ground clearance.

Ford has redesigned the F-150 from the ground up for the 2015 model year, but even before these trucks hit dealer lots Pro Comp had already engineered a complete 6-inch suspension system that fits 35-inch tires.

The new F-150 uses aluminum in order to shed weight and increase fuel economy.

Pro Comp optimized the design of their suspension to complement the Ford’s features with new high clearance, one piece crossmembers tailored to maximize strength while reducing weight.

This complete kit includes ductile-iron knuckles to span the increased distance between the control arms with geometry designed for OEM stability control function and steering feel.

The differential is lowered to retain factory CV angles, while the addition of a heavy duty skidplate protects the differential from damage.

Pro Comp retains the factory struts and sway bar to maintain the stock ride quality and handling, while strut mount spacers and sway bar relocation brackets account for the 6-inch increase in ride height.

Shock options include the nitrogen charged ES9000, adjustable MX-6 Series and race-inspired Pro Runner to fit any budget or intended use.

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