Product roundup: ASV introduces new radial-lift compact track loader

Updated May 6, 2019
Photo: ASVPhoto: ASV

ASV Holdings Inc. has added a new radial-lift compact track loader to its lineup. The RT-65 Posi-Track CTL made its debut at the ARA Show 2019 in Anaheim, California.

ASV says this machine is ideal for digging and ground work in construction, excavation, landscaping, snow-clearing and rental applications.

“The RT-65 is everything our customers look for in a compact track loader, including industry-leading serviceability, reliability and power,” says Justin Rupar, ASV vice president of sales and marketing. “We built the machine with unmatched ease-of-maintenance features that make operators’ lives easier. The machine also features a robust design and high performance so contractors can get their jobs done faster and with minimal downtime.”

Photo: ASVPhoto: ASV

The RT-65 features a swing-out radiator, top hood and side doors that provide access to all sides of the engine compartment for easy servicing of daily checkpoints. Operators can clean the unit’s cooler as well, as it swings out with the door.

Drain plugs have been added on all service items, such as the hydraulic tank, radiator and engine oil pan, to speed up the draining process. Spin-on, frame-mounted filters require single-wrench service, instead of hose-clamp mounted filters.

Greasing is easy with zerk fittings on the end of all pins. A direct-drive pump has eliminated the need for belt servicing that comes with belt-driven pumps.

The new CTL is powered by a 67-horsepower Deutz 2.2-liter diesel engine. It has 184 foot-pounds of torque. The auxiliary hydraulic system produces 3,300 psi of auxiliary pressure and 22.2-gpm standard flow. There is also an optional 27.4-gmp high-flow system available for operators who have more demanding attachments such as trenchers, landscape rakes and augers.

It has a rated operating capacity of 1,925 pounds and tipping load of 5,500 pounds. The CTL is 66 inches wide and a 116.5-inch lift height. A self-leveling system allows attachments to stay in a set position while lifting.

Like all of its loaders, ASV’s RT-65 comes with its patented Posi-Track undercarriage. This system features a flexible rubber track and internal positive drive sprockets to provide better traction and track life.

Landscapers can choose to include other additional features including optional 16.5-inch-wide extreme terrain tracks that lower the machine’s ground pressure to 3.9 psi or smooth turf tracks that provide minimal risk of damage during operation on manicured surfaces.

Ride control is available to limit material loss and improve operator comfort. Operators can also opt to add a suspended air ride seat for additional comfort and a review camera for improved safety and visibility.

Husqvarna adds entry-level robotic mower to Automower lineup

Husqvarna has expanded its market position in robotic mowers and has launched a new entry-level Automower that comes with installation.

The Automower 115H is designed to handle all grass types and caters specifically to the U.S. market, which has a variety of grass types that thrive at different heights. Husqvarna’s MSRP for both the product and installation is $1,599.

The manufacturer has partnered exclusively with Lowe’s, where the model will be for sale and Husqvarna will promote their new robotic mower with display experiences at these locations.

“Our robotic mowers have been the solution to better lawns and more free time since 1995, but we recognized the need for an entry-level model for the U.S. market that can cut all grass types and offers a seamless one-stop solution for purchase, delivery and installation by Husqvarna,” says Earl Bennett, president of Husqvarna North America. “It has never been easier to achieve a perfectly cut, healthy lawn every day and free up more time to do other things you like.”

The Automower 115H can handle lawns up to 0.4 acres and can mow 17-degree slopes. It can have a cutting height up to 3.6 inches and is equipped with the Bluetooth-enabled app, Automower Connect@Home, which allows owners to control and monitor their robotic mower with their smartphone.

Husqvarna will handle the installation process through its network of authorized Automower dealers. Once the mower is purchased, the nearest dealer will be notified and will schedule installation directly with the customer.

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iQ Power Tools’ announces its War on Dust 2019 campaign

iQ Power Tools is taking its lineup of power tools with integrated dust collection system on the road in the “iQ Trailer” to bring awareness and education as part of its crusade against silica dust.

The iQ trailer has visited dealers, contractors, masons and jobsites since 2017, exhibiting its power tools to tradesmen and apprentices.

Photo: iQ Power ToolsPhoto: iQ Power Tools

“Now, we’re taking one step further, declaring War on Dust!” says Paul Guth, president of iQ. “The primary focus of this campaign is to raise awareness about the true dangers of silica, and in addition to doing so, offer training on ways to eliminate dust and slurry mist at the jobsite.”

The WOD 2019 tour starts in the Midwest on March 7 and is scheduled to make 40 stops across the U.S., eventually returning to iQ’s headquarters in California by midsummer.

Each scheduled stop will last three to five hours. Vince Hollis, iQ’s national training manager, will hold informative and in-depth presentations on the hazards of silica, the OSHA standards and provide hands-on demonstrations with iQ’s tools.

“Innovative solutions and education provide the foundation of who we are, and this program is no different,” Guth says. “WOD 2019 will not only help contractors become more aware of the serious dangers of silica, it will also showcase iQ’s efficient options to get their jobs done faster and safer. Each stop allows contractors from multiple industries to test our products firsthand and ask questions they may have about iQ Power Tools product line directly to the company’s experienced team.”

Additionally, a percentage of iQ sales during each WOD 2019 event will be donated to the American Lung Association.

The War on Dust 2019 Tour will be chronicled on iQ’s website. The company welcomes inquires for additional stops as it travels the country.

Arborjet announces proven treatment for spotted lanternfly

Spotted lanternfly is proving to be a serious threat to a number of trees and the U.S. Department of Agriculture says the invasive pest “could be the most destructive species in 150 years.”

Photo: ArborjetPhoto: Arborjet

Arborjet, a tree and plant health care company, says it has developed a proven and effective treatment solution to mitigate this pest. Arborjet says it applied IMA-jet, a systemic micro-injectable product.

“In recent field trials, this treatment proved successful in eliminating the pest from the host tree and reducing honeydew and sooty mold production,” says Don Grosman, Ph.D., technology advancement manager and entomologist at Arborjet.

Spotted lanternfly nymphs feed on a wide range of plant species including fruit trees, while the adults prefer to feed on Tree of Heaven, walnut, maple, birch and others. The pest stuck the sap from plants and produce honeydew, which supports sooty mold growth. With no native predator, spotted lanternfly has flourished.

People moving materials that are infested has also aided in its rapid spread. It has been identified in Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware and Maryland.

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