Founding Advertiser Profile: Ditch Witch

TLC: How long has your company been involved in the landscaping industry?

Mike Lumbers: The Ditch Witch organization has been in the landscaping industry ever since Ed Malazhn invented the trencher in 1949.

TLC: What are some of the mistakes you’ve seen landscapers make?

Mike Lumbers: A couple of mistakes that are commonly made are not using the right equipment for the job and not locating utilities before the work starts.

TLC: What kinds of after-sale support or training do you or your distribution network offer?

Mike Lumbers: The Ditch Witch dealership organization performs one-on-one training on delivery of the equipment. We also host training events at the manufacturing facility for dealers. We also provide support and service from the manufacturing level.

TLC: What trends do you see affecting the future of the landscaping market and how will your
company address them?

Mike Lumbers:

  • Labor shortage – productive innovative equipment
  • Fleet cost – products that allow you to do more with less

TLC: Finally, do you have tips for someone just getting into the business?

Mike Lumbers:

  • Locate, locate, locate before you dig
  • Always use a reputable dealer to buy your product from for the best long-term profits
    for your company
  • Test or rent equipment of several manufacturers to find the best product for the job
  • Use the equipment per manufacturer’s recommendations
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