5 Things Every Successful Landscaper Should Do

Updated Sep 10, 2014

Lewis and DanaLewis Bennett and Dana Shook, owners of Green Dreams Landscape Management in Aberdeen, North Carolina, have worked hard to get to where they are today. To hear their tips for success, watch the video or read some of their business techniques below.

[youtube XWg0i–wBkw]

Read more about Green Dreams Landscape Management in the July issue of TLC, and view photos of their projects in our Photo Gallery.

  1. Keep your integrity, and be honest. “Give the customers what you say you’re going to give them, and always show up when you say you’re going to be there,” Lewis Bennett says.
  2. Be humble. “Remember, while the customer is not always right, the customer is never wrong,” Dana Shook says.
  3. Learn. “Go to workshops, and stay informed,” Bennett says.
  4. Create a good team. “Your employees are your company,” Shook says. “What they know reflects on you, so train, train and train again.”
  5. Develop culture. “Take advice, and give advice,” Bennett says. “Remember to wear your adult pants, and when you make a mistake, fess up and fix it.”


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