Product roundup: ASV offers RS-75 and VS-75 skid steers

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Updated Mar 26, 2018
ASV RS75 skid-steer loader. Photo: ASVASV RS75 skid-steer loader.
Photo: ASV

ASV Holdings Inc. now offers the large-frame, radial-lift RS-75 and vertical-lift VS-75 skid-steer loaders. The company says the machines feature highly efficient hydraulics and cooling systems, as well as high ground clearance, serviceability and departure angles. The company says the skid-steers are ideal for a wide range of applications, such as rental, construction, landscape, snow removal and forestry.

“The RS-75 and VS-75 reflect our mission of producing equipment that makes our customers’ lives easier with industry-leading performance,” said Jim DiBiagio, ASV chief operating officer. “The machines’ productivity-boosting qualities, easy serviceability and overall longevity assure a fast ROI.”

ASV says it builds the RS-75 and VS-75 with unique skid-steer frames that use a single chassis for both compact track loaders and skid-steers. ASV says it designs the frame for its Posi-Track and skid-steer lines independently to provide customers with the highest performance.

The result for the RS-75 and VS-75, ASV says, is a 10.5-inch ground clearance, which the company says allows the machines to travel easily over obstructions with less risk of getting hung up. The purpose-built chassis, the company says, allows for a 24-degree departure angle, which is said to decrease the risk of machines getting stuck when starting to climb a steep hill.

Both machines feature a swing-out door and cooling system that opens quickly to expose the engine, filters and other daily checkpoints. ASV says it includes drain plugs on all service items, including chain cases, the hydraulic tank, the radiator and the engine oil pan. The company says that zerk fittings on the end of all pins make greasing easy, and standard metal-face seals ensure the drive hubs don’t require maintenance for the machine’s life.

Additionally, the company says the machines feature a direct-drive pump, which they say eliminates the labor-intensive belt servicing that comes with belt-driven pumps.

ASV says the high speed of the machines allow for fast and easy travel uphill or downhill as well as over wet, uneven and rough terrain. To achieve speeds like this, the company says it designed the machines with efficient hydraulics, optimal cooling capacity and high-quality drive system components.

The company says both models feature an industrial 74-horsepower diesel engine, and the aspirated 2.9-liter displacement engine produces 192 foot-pounds of torque.

ASV says the skid-steer’s auxiliary hydraulic system is designed to operate efficiently with optional 30.9-gpm high-flow pump capacity and 3,335 psi system pressure. Both machines, according to ASV, include large sizes, hydraulic coolers and direct-drive pumps, which transfer more flow and pressure directly to the attachment and prevent power loss.

This design, the company says, optimizes performance and allows operators to run attachments more efficiently than with higher-horsepower competitive units. ASV notes that the models’ skid-steer-focused design provides optimal weight distribution and reduces the time wear while maximizing lift capacity.

Featuring a rated operating capacity of 3,500 pounds, the VS-75 features a tipping load of 7,000 pounds, while the RS-75 has an ROC of 2,600 pounds and a tipping load of 5,200 pounds. Both are 72 inches wide, and ASV says the RS-75 has a 10.4-foot lift height while the VS-75 has a 10.8-foot lift height. For increased mobility in tight spaces, ASV says standard reversible wheels narrow the machines to 66 inches, and ASV manufactures the machines to be over-the-tire track ready.

Both machines feature quick-attach to accommodate all conventional attachments, and an optional all-weather cab not only includes head and air-conditioning but also, according to ASV, is pressurized for a clean operator environment.

Husqvarna launches “Just ask Alexa” for robotic mowers

Photo: HusqvarnaPhoto: Husqvarna

Husqvarna recently demonstrated the functions of “Just ask Alexa” and other future Amazon Alexa features for Husqvarna robotic mowers.

The company says the first version will be available Sept. 1 in all Automower Connect equipped robotic mowers from Husqvarna. This first version will be able to take care of the most commonly used commands such as start, stop and park. This, Husqvarna says, provides an additional way of integrating with the robotic mower, besides the existing mobile applications.

“We are the pioneer, innovation and market leader in the field of robotic lawn mowing: now we made our Husqvarna Automower Alexa compatible, as cloud-based voice services are growing fast,” says Sascha Menges, president of the Husqvarna Division. “Our customers rightly expect Husqvarna products to be in the forefront, giving them multiple and ever more convenient ways of interacting with the product.”

New trap created for spotted lanternfly

This photo compares the effectiveness of traditional sticky bands (top) and the BugBarrier Tree Band (bottom). Photo: BugBarrierThis photo compares the effectiveness of traditional sticky bands (top) and the BugBarrier Tree Band (bottom).
Photo: BugBarrier

Throughout the eastern United States, the spotted lanternfly has become known as the latest stowaway to bug tree owners. Native to Vietnam, China and India, the spotted lanternfly is now threatening fruit, shade and ornamental trees in most eastern states from Massachusetts to Florida.

First identified in 2014 in Berks County, Pennsylvania, this leafhopper now has 13 counties under quarantine. The recommended treatment for reducing the population, according to Penn State Extension, includes installing sticky bands from mid-May to the end of August to trap lanternfly nymphs.

With this issue in mind, the company BugBarrier says its Tree Band will trap the pests using adhesive technology. The company says the dense, flexible fiber and polyester film with a thin coating of adhesive work together to prevent passage into the canopy, and the film comes with the adhesive already applied. When installed, the adhesive faces the tree, which the company says eliminates unsightly debris and bridging. It installs in minutes and, once removed, the company says it can be recycled with household recycling.

Greenworks adds to leaf blower and edger to lineup

Greenworks Commercial recently announced that it has expanded its 82-volt line with the new GBB 700 dual battery port backpack blower. This blower, the company says, is the first of its kind to offer the performance and power needed to support landscapers, golf maintenance professionals and turf management crews.

The company says 690 CFM and 165 mph are now available on demand at the push of a button, and operators can customize their performance and power usage with the variable speed trigger, turbo button and cruise control lever. This unit, the company says, is equipped with two battery ports that come standard with automatic battery switch-over. This feature, Greenworks says, automatically switches from one battery to the next once the first battery is depleted.

GBB 700 dual battery, 82-volt backpack blower Photo: Greenworks CommercialGBB 700 dual battery, 82-volt backpack blower
Photo: Greenworks Commercial

Powered by Greenworks Commercial’s proprietary 82-volt lithium-ion battery platform and brushless motor technology, Greenworks says the GBB 700 dual battery port backpack blower also has the power station feature. The company says the operator must simply disconnect the blower tube and motor housing from the side of the unit and the blower will be transformed into a mobile power source.

The company says the GBB 700 yields 50 percent less noise and five times less vibration than gas equivalent products, which Greenworks adds will protect crews from long-term hearing damage and chronic conditions.

“As we continue to evolve our distributor relationships throughout North America to ensure that professionals have access to our award-winning tools at their favorite dealers, we push forward with new and exciting technologies that will make the workday more productive and less strenuous,” said Chris Allen, president of Greenworks North America. “For 2018, we’ve put a focus on providing innovative battery management solutions to increase the amount of productivity users can get on the job site.  The new dual battery port backpack blower provides users with optimal performance to get tough jobs completed in a forward-thinking, green way with double the run-time of previous models.”

Greenworks also recently announced that it has expanded its 82-volt system with a new commercial-grade tool called the GE 080 stick edger.

The company says the GE 080 stick edger utilizes a proprietary Greenworks 82-volt lithium-ion battery, and the unit’s 8” heat-treated blade is driven by a direct-drive brushless motor that provides high torque, zero-maintenance and zero-exhaust.

GE 080 stick edger Photo: Greenworks CommercialGE 080 stick edger
Photo: Greenworks Commercial

With an “instant on” start switch and variable-speed trigger, Greenworks says the GE 080 is quiet enough to allow landscape professionals to get their work days started earlier.

The company says the 82-volt stick edger provides all the power and function landscape and turf management professionals need.

Along with eliminating the odors associated with gas-fueled tools, Greenworks says the GE 080 stick edger yields 50 percent less noise than gas equivalents and produces five times less vibration than gas-powered competitors.

Greenworks says the push trigger start also eliminates pull cords completely, and it extends the battery’s charge by eliminating unnecessary run-time.

“We are excited to continue to build on our award-winning 82-volt system of outdoor power equipment, with new solutions for landscape and turf management professionals that encounter new noise and emission ordinances every day,” said Allen. “Like all of our tools in the 82-Volt system, the new stick edger provides users with high performance in an environmentally responsible way.  The GE 080 is up to the toughest of edging tasks, so we’re excited to see pros begin putting it to the test this spring.”

Casella launches Flow Detective

Casella, air sampling, noise and vibration monitoring specialist, has introduced the Flow Detective air sampling pump calibrator. The company says this product is the first in the industry with the ability to measure pulsation with a 70-hour battery life and double the duration of competitive products.CASELLA Logo

Casella reports that there is an estimated 18,000 new cases of breathing or lung problems a year caused or made worse by work, and an estimated 12,000 deaths from lung diseases linked to exposure at work.

The company says air sampling is crucial and the latest Flow Detective is a robust solution allowing air sampling pumps to be calibrated. The Flow Detective is an electronic flow meter calibrator designed to measure the flow of air sampling pumps to within two percent accuracy.

Casella says this product will be the first on the market with Bluetooth connectivity through Casella Airwave App. The company says Flow Detective is the first calibrator with the ability to measure pulsation, indicating if the air flow pulsation exceeds 10 percent. To adhere to ISO 13137, air sampling pumps must have a pulsation level less than 10 percent.

The Flow Detective can be used with any manufacturers’ air sampling pumps, and the company says it will save professionals additional time due to its simple user interface, color screen and wide-flow measurement range.

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