Product roundup: Avant Tecno introduces new 800 series

Updated May 3, 2019
Photo: Avant TecnoPhoto: Avant Tecno

Finnish equipment manufacturer Avant Tecno has announced its largest and most powerful loader series to date, the 800 series.

The new compact loader series has two models available currently. The Avant 860i is Tier 4 Final compliant with a Kohler KDI 1903 TCR 57 hp common rail turbocharged diesel engine.

The Avant 850 is powered by a Kubota V2403 49 hp diesel engine, destined for markets outside US Tier 4 Final emission standards, according to the company.

The machines have 4,188 lb. lift capacity and 11-feet lift height. Like other Avant compact loaders, the machines have a hydrostatic transmission with a hydraulic drive motor on each wheel with two drive speed areas.

The 800 series has a max drive speed of 18 mph has an auxiliary hydraulics oil flow for attachments as high as 21 gpm.

The 800 series has a standard telescopic loader boom that extends and retracts allowing for loading on trucks with higher sides and unloading from a high level. The hydraulic self leveling system keeps the load level when lifting or lowering the boom.

Over 200 attachments are available for the 800 series and it uses the Avant quick attach system. The hydraulic hoses are coupled with the multi connector, allowing for easy connecting in all conditions.

A ROPS/FOPs open cab is standard, but an enclosed heated cab is available as an option. The DLX cab can be equipped with air conditioning as well.

Avant will introduce the series at bauma 2019 in Munich, Germany, April 8-14. Productions is planned to start fall 2019.

Honda expands mini-four stroke engine lineup

At the 2019 American Rental Association’s annual tradeshow, Honda Engines debuted its new Honda GX50 general-purpose engine.

The engine is quieter and features reduced vibration compared to a two-stroke engine, according to Honda and it has low emissions and improved fuel efficiency.

Photo: HondaPhoto: Honda

The pulling force required to start the engine has be reduced thanks to an automatic decompressor. The GX50 has a compact and lightweight design. It has a higher displacement compared to the other mini-four stroke models, the GX25 and GX35.

These other models were introduced in 2002 and since then, Honda noticed customers needing higher output engines for different types of handheld equipment. Thus, the GX50 was created to provide more power for more applications in the handheld market.

“Today’s all-new Honda GX50 is the next evolution in the mini-four stroke category, the first four-stroke engine in the two-horsepower class that 360-degrees inclinable during operation and storage,” says Will Walton, vice president of Honda Power Equipment. “Excellent fuel efficiency, low emissions, high output and easy starting performance, combined with low noise and vibration, as well as compact, lightweight design, place the Honda GX50 engine squarely into the demanding, rental, industrial, construction and professional landscape space.”

The GX50 has a maximum output of 1.97 horsepower and weighs 10.4 lbs. The Honda GX50 is now available. For commercial and rental use, it has a one-year warranty while residential use has a two-year warranty.

Skid Steer Solutions offers Dymax Inc. Timberwolf tree shear 

The Dymax Timberwolf tree shear is an industrial grade tree shear attachment for skid steer loaders. It is designed to secure and transport trees with its strong grapple mechanism.

Photo: Skid Steer SolutionsPhoto: Skid Steer Solutions

Dymax’s products are built for serious work and continuous use and it specializes in forestry applications. The tree shears have solid cast 3/4″ AR400 milled knife edges and have a large cutting capacity.

The larger rod diameter and larger lines increase the shear speed and have the highest shearing power ratio, according to the company.

The bunching grapple models with accumulator arm allows operators to shear one tree, hold it in place with the arm and then shear additional trees, enable the shearing and removal of multiple trees in one go.

The attachment has a 14-inch cutting capacity and dual grapple arms to secure the tree prior to cutting.

“We don’t usually play favorites, but the making of this video and the topic of tree shears is definitely one of our favorites,” says Skid Steer Solutions. “The design of this tree shear attachment is world class.”

Click here to view the product on Skid Steer Solutions’ site.

Greenworks adds new cultivator to its 82-volt lineup 

Just in time for spring, Greenworks has introduced its first professional grade cultivator, the GTL 100, to the 82-volt lineup.

The company says this product is ideal for smaller commercial gardens and floral growing areas. The GTL 100 has a brushless motor that extends the lifespan of the tool. The battery-power nature of the cultivator also allows it to reduce noise pollution and cut out emissions completely.

The cultivator has a 10-inch tilling width and 5-inch tilling depth. It is equipped with adjustable, removable wheels that allows it to handle various terrains and contours. Greenworks says the ergonomic bike handles provide comfort during operation and easy maneuvering.

A plastic guard is included to protect against soil and debris spray.

The GTL 100 82-volt cultivator will be available through the Carswell, Carswell OEI, Conniff, Edney, PACE and Steven Willand independent dealer networks beginning March 2019. The GTL 100 will feature a retail price of $299.00 and comes with a 2-year battery and tool warranty.

PBI-Gordon issues Section 2(ee) recommendations for Zylam

For those dealing with spotted lanternfly, PBI-Gordon has issues Section 2(ee) recommendations for the usage of Zylam liquid systemic insecticide.

Zylam is an IRAC Group 4 insecticide that controls more than 100 listed insects aside from spotted lanternfly, including aphids, bagworms, Japanese beetles and scale. It quickly translocates through the tree after being applied through bark banding or soil drench.  The insecticide is labeled for use on athletic fields, parks, residential and commercial sites, golf course landscaped areas and school grounds.

The invasive species spotted lanternfly has spread to several states in the northeastern U.S. and poses a threat to a number of fruit crops as well as ornamental and timbering trees in the area.

This additional use recommendation is permitted under Section 2(ee) of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) in the following states but has not been submitted or approved by the EPA: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia.  The Section 2(ee) recommendations for these states can be downloaded here. The applicator must have a copy of the recommendation present when treating for spotted lanternfly.

A 24(c) Special Local Need Labeling has been issued for use only in New York for the control of spotted lanternfly on tree of heaven. Applicators must have a copy present when treating for spotted lanternfly. The labeling can be found here.

Service Autopilot announces new payroll report and wall clock feature 

Service Autopilot has rolled out two new features for its system.

According to Service Autopilot, the payroll report and wall clock make it easier to pay and track times for team members.

The new payroll report feature calculates hourly employees’ overtime and regular pay. These timesheets can be exported into a spreadsheet for delivery to a third-party payroll company.

Company owners can avoid costly errors by tracking their employee’s time with the software while the wall clock feature allows members to set up a device as a the company wall clock where employees clock in and out with a PIN.

In addition to tracking the time stamp, the PIN ensures the right employees are clocking in and out.

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