Lawn enhancement tips you need to revisit: TLC’s top 10 stories for June 2020

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One of the biggest positive notes about these mowers, experts say, is that

customers absolutely love them and enjoy watching them work.
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As part of Total Landscape Care’s look back on 2020, here are the top 10 stories during the month of June.

10. Perception change: More landscapers implement robotic lawn mowers into everyday use

Photo: StihlPhoto: Stihl

Robotic lawn mowers have been making an impression in the green industry for a quarter of a century, and over the last few years, they’ve truly hit their stride in popularity among professional landscapers.

Last year, Total Landscape Care talked with experts about what robotic mowers could mean for the green industry long term, as well as what myths needed to be debunked about these machines.

This year, experts are taking a look at what improvements these machines have undergone, how perceptions have changed regarding robotic mowers and where they believe this niche could be heading.

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9. Landscape design: The basics of outdoor lighting effects

Photo: McKay Landscape LightingPhoto: McKay Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a popular upgrade for customers who are wanting to extend the amount of time they can spend outside.

“Landscape lighting provides beauty and enhances the overall landscape plan,” says Bruce Dennis, president and CEO of Lightcraft Companies, in APLD’s The Designer. “Lighting also provides safety and security, which are incredibly important.”

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8. Robotic lawn mowers: The way of the future?

Photo: Robin AutopilotPhoto: Robin Autopilot

With robotic lawn mowers continuing to grow in popularity in the green industry, many professional landscapers find themselves wondering if they should incorporate these machines into their business operations.

Take a look at what robotics experts say the benefits of these machines are, as well as where they hope to see the robotic mower industry go over the next few years.

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7. Taking the leap: Starting a landscaping company in an uncertain economy

Photo: Wells Cutting Edge Trimlight and LandscapePhoto: Wells Cutting Edge Trimlight and Landscape

Under normal circumstances, starting a landscaping company seems like a daunting task, but when paired with economic uncertainty or a pandemic, it can seem almost impossible.

For those desiring to start their own landscaping company this year or next, the initial thought could be to hold off and wait until things seem more stable nationwide, but many green industry experts would argue that now is the optimal time to get into the ownership game.

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6. Lawn mower productivity: Tips to get your mowers prepped for summer 

Photo: Bob-Cat MowersPhoto: Bob-Cat Mowers

These next few months are the time to really be on your mowing game—they’re not the time for lawn mower downtime or inefficiency. Even if you’re well into the season, key maintenance practices can keep your mower and business running smoothly.

These maintenance tips are sure to help make sure your mower is a well-oiled machine. Whether you’re just ramping up, have a rainy day or aren’t quite full steam yet because of COVID-19, here are some things you can do to invest in your equipment.

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5. How to: Creating butterfly gardens

Photo: PexelsPhoto: Pexels

 To give customers a little something extra to enjoy about their outdoor space, consider creating a butterfly garden.

Butterfly gardens are a popular addition to a landscape for many reasons. Along with creating a space that welcomes butterflies and other pollinators to stop and stay awhile, they also add a beautiful focal point to your customer’s lawn.

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4. Third Street Facility Services: Preparing workers for their next step

Photo: Third Street FacilityPhoto: Third Street Facility

In 2017, the Third Street Education Center, a community center in Greenville, North Carolina, launched a landscaping contract business. Today, the landscaping portion of the organization is known as Third Street Facility Services and 95 percent of their workforce consists of workers with a criminal background and those recovering from substance or alcohol abuse.

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3. How to: Protecting masonry from water damage

Photo: Holly WellsPhoto: Holly Wells

Moisture has been the number one threat to masonry since the dawn of time. No matter where people go or what humans build, they will always be fighting rain, snow, dew, humidity and ice — all of which wreak havoc on structures through the years.

Whether it be cracks, mold, efflorescence or complete deterioration, all masonry will succumb to the power of water eventually. However, there are a number of ways people can prolong the life of structures. And as a landscaper, this is one of your prime duties.

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2. Pondless waterfalls: Unique water features for any size space

Photo: Colin ConcesPhoto: Colin Conces

With the summer months in full swing, your clients are surely flocking to the outdoors, which means it could be a good time to make a few additions to their space.

One unique water feature your customers might be interested in this season is a pondless waterfall. Total Landscape Care talked with Hugh Morton, co-owner of Sun Valley Landscaping in Omaha, Nebraska, to get the scoop on these popular water features.

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1. How to: Getting down to business with stump grinding

Photo: ShutterstockPhoto: Shutterstock

Many clients long to have a flat, well-manicured lawn, but if their yards have pesky stumps in the way, the aesthetic can be thrown off.

Take a look at a few tips tree experts recommend when removing a stump, as well as how to avoid some of the most commonly made mistakes during the process.

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